It’s better that Canada’s Women’s U-20 Team took their lumps now instead of a few weeks from now.

Having gone through a packed couple of days that featured a squad presentation in Toronto followed by a flight to Mexico City where they went straight into training and two games in three days, Canada spent a lot of energy in a short amount of time.

To cap it off, that test was only further exacerbated by the leg-draining impacts of playing at high altitude. Mexico was at home and Canada faded in the second half and conceded three times.

But that’s not being used as an excuse, but rather it’s being used as a lesson heading into the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Canada 2014.

“It’s always a learning experience,” said midfielder Emma Fletcher, who played the last 20 minutes on Friday and started on Sunday. “We faced some problems that Mexico presented that we can learn from and definitely try and change so we can get a better result next time.”

Fortunately, Canada’s schedule will be nowhere near as packed for the next few weeks. Yes, they have a World Cup to play in but game days will be more spaced apart and they will also be playing in air that’s not as thin.

On top of that, it’s a tournament at home—something the players are excited about and are hoping to see stands packed with home support when the time comes.

“I’m really excited,” said Fletcher. “I definitely think we’ll learn from this experience and put on a good display when we get to the World Cup.”

The team is off for a week before reconvening in Vaughan, Ont. for a few days of training starting on 29 July.