Special Olympics Team celebrates51366

July 20,2014(ISN) – For two days, members of the Special Olympics Team for the BC Summer Games have participated in track and field events at Rotary Stadium in Nanaimo. They chose to participate in their last event with great style and sportsmanship as they ran the 4 x 100 m relay on Saturday afternoon. They formed four teams comprising both genders and members of differing BC Games Zones and ran their hearts out to celebrate their achievements.

Unfortunately, a team member had been injured on Friday so Pentathlete Josh Mitchell from Zone 6 stepped as the third runner for one of the relay groups, resulting in his being declared an honourary member of the team.

When Simon Phipps of Nanaimo was asked how he felt after participating in seven events at the 2014 Games, he asked, “Can I take a nap?” adding that “Being here for my Summer Games in my hometown — it’s been amazing!” Daniel Batson of Burnaby loved the running and shot put events and is proud of his 10 years as an athlete. April Armstrong, also from Burnaby, has enjoyed “competing against other people and making new friends.” Michael Savage of Langley enjoyed “supersonic running, having super fun, and excellent sportsmanship.” Katie Little of Burnaby delighted in “meeting new people, getting PBs [Personal Bests], and staying positive.”

Along with Head Coach Deborah Carter and Assistant Coach Tom Norton, the members of the Special Olympics Team for the BC Summer Games are deservedly proud of their performances at the Games.

Special Olympics Team members gather to celebrate their successes over the last two days.