Canada’s Men’s U-20 Team is off to Northern Ireland to take part in the 2014 Dale Farm Milk Cup.

Head Coach Rob Gale is bringing together 18 players who will see action against the host country, as well as China PR and CONCACAF rivals Mexico in the four-team tournament. Canada is preparing for the CONCACAF U-20 Championships – likely to take place early next year – so this is an early test against a Mexican team they could face in competition.

“This is our only tournament as a group in preparation for qualifying in January,” said Gale. “So we aim to use it in a number of specific tactical ways and have objectives that will help us build for the future.”

Canada opens the competition with the all-CONCACAF battle against Mexico at the Riada Stadium in Balleymoney on Monday 28 July. Two days later they’ll take on China PR in Derry before wrapping things up against Northern Ireland on Friday 1 August.

The squad includes a number of players who have first team professional experience with their respective club teams and players that have accrued international experience with past Canadian camps and as members for the Canadian roster that played at the FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013 under head coach Sean Fleming.

The noticeable name not on the list is Fraser Aird who joined his first U-20 camp in May. Initially on the roster, Aird had to withdraw after picking up a minor injury.

“I’m very happy with the squad we have been able to assemble which with some first team players at this stage of the season players are not always able to be released,” said Gale. “As a group and individuals we need more players experiencing these environments and types of competition with high level international opposition.”

GK- Marco Carducci | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
GK- Nolan Wirth | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
D- Sebastian Cabrera | CHI / Union Espanola
D- Alexander Comsia | FRA / RC Strasbourg
D- Quinton Duncan | USA / University of Tula
D- Cedric Saint-Cyr | GER / FC Astoria Walldorf
D- Luca Gasparotto | SCO / Rangers FC
D- Jackson Farmer | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
M- Louis Béland-Goyette | CAN / Académie Impact de Montréal
M- Dylan Carreiro | unattached/sans club
M- Kianz Froese | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency
M- Jordan Haynes | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency*
M- Christopher Nanco | CAN / Sigma FC
M- Manuel Aparicio | CAN / Toronto FC
M- Hanson Boakai | CAN / FC Edmonton
M- Calum Ferguson | SCO / Inverness Caldeonian Thistle
F- Brody Huitema | USA / Duke University
F- Sadi Jalali | CAN / FC Edmonton

Name | Birthyear | Grew up in…
Aparicio, Manuel | 1995 | Toronto, ON, CAN
Béland-Goyette, Louis | 1995 | Montreal, QC, CAN
Boakai, Hanson | 1996 | Edmonton, AB, CAN
Cabrera, Sebastian | 1995 | Edmonton, AB, CAN
Carducci, Marco | 1996 | Calgary, AB, CAN
Carreiro, Dylan | 1995 | Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Comsia, Alexander | 1995 | Vancouver, BC, CAN
Duncan, Quinton | 1995 | London, ON, CAN
Farmer, Jackson |1995 | Edmonton, AB, CAN
Ferguson, Calum | 1995 | Inverness, SCO
Froese, Kianz |1996 | Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Gasparotto, Luca | 1995 | Ajax, ON, CAN
Haynes, Jordan | 1996 | Peterborough, ON, CAN
Huitema, Brody | 1995 | Chilliwack, BC, CAN
Jalali, Sadi | 1995 | Edmonton, AB, CAN
Nanco, Christopher | 1996 | Brampton, ON, CAN
Saint-Cyr, Cedric | 1996 | Saint-Lambert, QC, CAN
Wirth, Nolan | 1995 | Comox, BC, CAN

* Jordan Haynes was added to the roster after the initial announcement, in replacement of Michael Petrasso.