July 24th, 2014 (ISN)

Kimberly and Louise Renicks secure the first gold medals for Scotland.

Kimberly wins Gold  – Picture Courtesy of Adam Wardrop (ISN)

Kimberly faced India’s Shushila Likmavbam in the -48 category. On the way to the mat the bubbly person I met only weeks before was gone. Replaced by a steeley eyed warrior with one thing on her mind. Victory.

What was pegged to be a fight to the wire was over in a mere 24s (Ronda Roussey beware)

After a little hand-fighting Kimberly shot in and took the decisive ippon to bring home Scotlands first gold. The crowd in the arena blew the roof off the place with the noise. Tears and smiles all round (including from this journalist). 

Everyone in Scotland watched on and was proud.

Afterwards Kimberly was thinking ahead to her sisters match.

“Hopefully it’s a double win for the Renicks family” 


Scotlands first gold – Picture courtesy of Adam Wardrop (ISN)

Up next was elder sister and 52kg competitor, Louise Renicks. She faced off against England’s Kelly Edwards.

A quick win similar to Kimberly’s was not on the cards here, a hard fought, drawn out battle was in progress.

With less that 90s to go Kelly was marked down for two points to Louise’s zero, then in a short space of time Kelly clocked up antother and Louise had two.

The fighting was intense, everyone was on the edge of their seat, with 30s to go another penalty was placed against Louise, they were tied.

They engaged. What ensured was yet another battle of momentum, strength, balance and limbs. Louise shot for a takedown, quickly Kelly dropped. 3 seconds were on the clock when the referee stood up both combatants.

Silence fell on the crowd, were we about to lose by penalties, or win? No-one knew. The referee wielded suspense as masterfully as Alfred Hitchock himself. The women were advised to adjust their belts, still no signal from him as to what is happening. Once both had retied their belts they looked ready to fight again. Once more the referee held us in suspense, what was 5 seconds felt like hours. Until…



Another Renicks Gold – Picture courtesy of Adam Wardrop (ISN)

Renicks is the victor due to a further penalty on Kelly. With 3 seconds on the clock she managed to secure another win for Scotland, and another win for the Renicks family.

Today was a proud day for Scotland, we started of the games with style and energy which has translated to the athletes performance. 

We look forward to meeting up with them during the games to see how life as a commonwealth champion is settling in (and if Louise finally got to drink the Irn bru she has waited for)