Klimkait Left Disappointed at Final

Judo Day 11405

Young judo star Jesscia Klimkait was left disappointed – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

July 24, 2014 (ISN) Jessica Klimkait is competing for a medal in her first Commonwealth Games at the age of 17, having progressed past India’s Shivani and Scotland’s Connie Ramsay before losing to Nekoda Davis.

The talent of this young athlete is obvious for all to see, in the last year Jessica has performed consistently well in both national and international competitions.  Judging by the performances put in by Jessica so far, it looks as though she has a long future of competing at the highest level to look forward to.


Jessica’s final opponent of the day is Darcina Manuel from New Zealand who has similar levels of achievement in international and national competitions.


Jessica’s match was very dynamic and aggressive from the start, showing off just how confident the young athlete is just now.  Both competitors took a couple of hefty hits against the mats before Manuel forced Jessica to tap out to take thew bronze.