Day 12433

Louise Renick faces off against Kelly Edwards of England – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN


July 24, 2014 (ISN) Louise Renicks faces Kelly Edwards of England in a bout to decide the first women’s Judo medals of the Commonwealth Games, her sister Kimberley is also competing for gold tonight in her weight class against Shushila Likmabam of India.

ISN spoke to both sisters before the Games and it’s great to see them competing for gold in the finals. 


Kimberley’s match was first up, she emerged from the tunnel to a roar from the crowd that would have given the Hampden Roar a run for its money.  Looking focussed and determined it was obvious that Kimberley wanted to win at home more than anything else.  Her opponent didn’t look too badly affected by the partisan crowd and had the upper hand until Kimberley won by Ippon with two and a half minutes left on the clock.

Day 11925

Kimberley Renicks prepares for her gold medal match – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

Kimberleys gold medal winning performance was followed up by a match between John Buchanan of Scotland and Daniel Le Grange.  John came out of retirement after ten years especially for these games and the home crowd would dearly like to see him get a medal for his determination.  At 38 he isn’t the youngest competitor by any means but he has more than geld his own, having had only one other competition before the Games to prepare.  His match with South Africa’s Le Grange was tense, possibly more so for Buchanan because of the way he came out of retirement especially for this competition.  While not as young as his opponent Buchanan definitely has the benefit of experience, especially thanks to his time spent coaching during his retirement.  During the match both athletes seemed well balanced, again the competition seemed to turn on a single move although some deliberation amongst the judges was required before Buchanan was awarded the win, the summersault he made across the mat once the win was confirmed showing just how much it meant to him.

NIR v CAN W Judo

Audree Francis-Methot misses out on a medal at her first commonwealth games – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

Audree Francis-Methot faces Lisa Kearney for the bronze in the -52kg category.  Audree has consistently performed well, placing in the top three in 5 national and international competitions since 2011, including coming first at the World Cup in 2012 and 2013.  Audree is currently ranked no.1 in Canada in the 48kg category.  Audree’s opponent came out determined to control the match from the beginning, forcing Audree to tap out with 32 seconds left on the clock.

NIR v CAN W Judo-2

Louise Renicks enjoys winning the second judo gold for Scotland and the Renicks family – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

Louise stepped out to face Kelly Edwards and walked into a wall of noise similar to what met her sister Kimberley and showed the same level of determination as her sibling as well.  After the victory of Kimberley the crowd was desperate to see the second Scottish gold of the night.  As the clock ran down the tempo began to build, with three penalties being awarded against both competitors.  With 3 seconds left on the clock the referee awarded a fourth penalty against Edwards to end the match with a win for Louise and a second Scotland gold.

Kimberly  Louise Renicks-2

As good as gold – the Renicks sisters show off their medals – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

All in all tonight has been a successful one for Team Scotland, continuing their tradition of strong Judo squads at the Games with Hannah Miley winning gold in the pool with the 400m Medley and a gold on the cycling track.