Day 3- Can v Bar-3

Canada were comfortably in control from the beginning – pic courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

26 July, 2014 (ISN)  After the trial of the New Zealand game, Canada were dominant against Barbados coming out comfortable winners 66-5, as Nathan Hiriyama said “we dropped too many balls against New Zealand and weren’t defensively tight, you can’t do that against a team like them”. 

Day 3- Can v Bar-2

The majority of the team were able to get on the scoresheet in what could have been a whitewash – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

Canada were definitely more switched on against Barbados, something that the Canadians admitted they hadn’t been against New Zealand.

Day 3- Can v Bar

Captain John Moonlight secured 10 points for Canada – pics courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN

The Canada Team face Scotland in what is a decider match to see who will progress beyond the group, New Zealand are a certainty and Scotland as the hosts will be favourites but Canada are definitely in with a chance of going beyond expectations.