Usain Bolt Confirms Participation


July 26th, 2014 (ISN)

Usain Bolt clears fears and confirms his intention to compete at the games.

Usain Bolt – Picture courtesy of Adam Wardrop (ISN)

Usain Bolt, sorry, I should give him his full title (which he was displeased was not on his table) Dr. The Hon. Usain St. Leo Bolt O.D. O.J. Appears in Glasgow for the games.

When asked how important he felt the games were to him.

“It’s very important. I expressed it to my coach earlier this season. I got injured so missed the chance to compete in the indivudual events but it’s nice to be here”

Due to the loss of Mo Farah from competition it was on everyones mind that Bolt could do likewise. Thankfully those fears were cleared at the press event. He did answer questions about the loss of high-profile athletes in this event.

“I don’t think anyone drops out on purpose. It’s just injuries. It happens in the big events, things just go wrong in the last moment but there’s a lot more athletes here and I’m sure it will be a good games”

Bolt would have had the option to skip the heats for the relay due to the rules of team participation. In the unlikely event of Jamaica not qualifying then his visit would be wasted. Thankfully he confirmed that he would be participating in the heats for the 4 x 100 relay.

“Yes, I will be running in the heats. I need the runs because this is my first race of the season”

Apart from some irrelevant questions about politics, Usain was in a great mood and look ready to experience Glasgow and the Games


Usain Bolt Jokes with the organisers and asks his full title be used next time – Picture courtesy of Adam Wardrop (ISN)

We look forward to seeing Dr. The Hon. Usain St. Leo Bolt O.D. O.J. competing later in the games.