Time To End The Messy History Of Canucks Uniforms

The Vancouver Canucks have been through anarray of jersey changes over the past forty years. What started as a simplestick in the rink, turned into a sophisticated plate of spaghetti, and finishedwith a west coast orca whale. Not to mention, the colours have also flipped andswitched numerous times as well. With President Trevor Linden suggesting a newlook for the team for the start of the 2014-15 campaign, rumors are swirling asto what the Canucks’ new look might be.

But should the Canucks change theirjerseys again? The Flames have their Sea of Red, do we want to have a Sea ofRed, Blue, Yellow, Green and White in our stands?
It really depends on who you ask when itcomes to the Canucks’ jersey schemes over the years. Some people despise theCanucks’ red and yellow skate jerseys back from the early 90’s, while somepeople love them. Same goes for the stick in the rink jerseys; some find itartistic and simple while some just stare at the jersey and say, “what’s thatsupposed to be?” Some Canucks faithful still haven’t clued in that the stick inthe rink logo resembles a “C” for crying out loud. And while the orca has aclear image and message, it took me years to figure out that plate of spaghettiactually spelled out “Canucks” and had a skate attached to it. If Trevor Lindendecides to switch up the jerseys AGAIN, this new scheme needs to be bold,powerful, and understandable.

The Canucks’ 40th anniversaryjerseys used a handful of times back in the 2010-11 season stand out to me.They’re simple, but the jersey layout is bold, powerful and classic. The only piece missing on the 40thanniversary jerseys are name bars, which would be an easy fix. The Canuckscurrent third jerseys (stick in the rink logo with the Johnny Canuck patches)could be used as the new home jersey, but I’d like to see a blue version of the40th anniversary jerseys before resorting to the current alternatejerseys. Of course, it would be awesome to see the black, red and yellowspaghetti uniforms back in Vancouver, but unfortunately the logo doesn’tresemble the city of Vancouver like the other logos do. The Orca is a finelogo, don’t get me wrong, but the lettering above the logo throws off thevisual aspect just a bit. It would be neat if the organization could find a wayto modernize the “V” logo used in the Heritage Classic, but it’s doubtful. Theclassic 1970’s “stick in the rink” logo with the 40th anniversarylayout makes the most sense in my opinion.

The Canucks have gone through a handful ofnew looks and styles, but Trevor Linden needs to put an end to all this rainbowjersey colours and stick with these new jerseys for good. No more changing backand forth between colours and logos, the next jerseys to come are the last fora very long time. If there’s anyone who knows the city of Vancouver and thearoma of the town, it’s Linden, so hopefully he has a good vision for the newlook of his franchise.