Summary of the Meeting Between ABA and Cycling Canada

Aug 14,2014(ISN) – Representatives of the American Bicycle Association (ABA), the parent organization of USA BMX and BMX Canada, and Cycling Canada met in Ottawa on July 23rd to discuss the potential for collaboration around the growth and development of BMX Cycling in Canada.

On behalf of the ABA, John David (Chief Operating Officer) and Brad Hallin (Senior Track Director) made the trip to Ottawa to share their perspectives on the many exciting developments they have seen within the sport and how their organization endeavors to support its progress. From the Cycling Canada perspective; Greg Mathieu (CEO), Mathieu Boucher (Performance Development Director) and Jim Crosscombe (OCA CEO / Chair Interprovincial Council).provided the overview of the national BMX landscape and the factors affecting its current health and future potential.

Both parties are highly desirous of solving the issues that have been seen to hold back Canada’s BMX potential and realize that a better understanding of the roles of all the stakeholders is fundamental to this goal.

Perspectives were shared on the fundamental areas of events, track operations and membership with an enhanced understanding of how each party views their approaches. There are areas where there appears to be common ground and other aspects that will need further study to find the way forward.

Greg Mathieu was pleased with the tone and substance of the meeting and noted; “In the end, we want to create the best development and competition system for our stakeholders. The history and success of the ABA can advise us and we look forward to further exchanges with them towards a more unified Canadian BMX community.”

Speaking for the ABA, John David said; “We were extremely pleased with the cooperative tone of the meeting and have great hope that we are collectively creating unity for BMX in Canada and across North America”.

The two organizations have agreed to share information that will assist each in moving the process forward and to continue communication with the intent of building a proposal to share with stakeholders by the end of October of this year.