Race info
Sport: Cycling – road
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 13
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO
Version: 1.6.3
Location: Nanaimo, BC
Country: Canada
Updated: Tue, August 19, 2014
  10:19 PM (GMT-7)
Race notes

Tonight’s Longwood Brewery Criterium was the penultimate event on the popular Boxwood circuit. There were 13 senior starters and one youth, Aiden Hare, who rode the half distance. The first couple of laps were neutralized but Aiden managed to hang in with the pack for 4 laps before being left on his own to complete his distance.
There was little action until just before the first of 4 primes when Justin Mark cruised off the front, with Brodie and Iain Hay chasing. As they completed the lap and sprinted, Justin edged Iain, with Brodie and Mark Wieler chasing. Carey Mark was 5th.
Just before the halfway point of the race, Brodie and Mike Sevcov gained 8 seconds on the pack but were soon joined by Justin, Iain, Carey, Mark and Mike Sevcov. Mike McCarney attempted to hang in with this septet but soon dropped back to join Phil Birrer, Kyle Waring and Mike Gill who had already lost contact. Further back was Normon Thibault who provided some light relief by disappearing from the circuit and reappearing a couple of laps later on an Eatons Glider ladies bike. He managed to stay with the stragglers but then vanished for a further lap and returned to the group on his own bike.
Meanwhile the 7 leaders had lapped the remainder of the field who swelled the bunch to 12, Bill McMillan having retired before the second prime which was won by Brodie from Justin.
All participants stayed together until the third prime which Carey won, with the help of husband Mark, who did a combination of loud encouragement and blocking as he crossed the line just behind. third place (2nd. Male) was garnered by Iain.
All remained in a bunch except Phil until the last prime at 3laps to go which Brodie won from Justin.
There were no further break attempts and at the finish, it was the Vypers duo of Brodie and Iain, then John Lam, Justin, Mike Sevcov, Mike McCarney (lapped) and Carey Mark. 
Thanks to Rachel Goalder, Jason Hare and Ron Hewitson for marshalling.