I’m always looking for ways to make high quality training more accessible to people who are seriously looking to change their lives for the better.

Contrary to popular belief, personal training is not as expensive as some people think it is. Not only that, but provided that you get the right trainer, you will achieve your fitness goals and you will see why it’s a great life-changing investment for you.

Integrating safe forms of exercise into your daily routine now is a great way to prevent many costly health problems down the road.

Although you don’t really want to be a price shopper when it comes to your health and well-being, you can still find high quality personal training without paying an arm and a leg.

Here is how:

1. Split a training session with a friend/co-worker/family member. There are many advantages to small group personal training and you can read 5 of them here.

2. Explore your pricing options. If you found the right trainer, check out all their pricing options before writing them off as “too expensive”. Maybe you can’t afford to train 3 times a week, but you could afford one time per week or twice a month just to stay on track.

3. Ask the trainer about sharing a package with your friends. Generally, the more sessions you buy, the lower the cost per session. For example, I let people share the bigger packages with their friends/family/coworkers. So, if someone buys 36 sessions, if they have two other people that want training, they can each get 12 sessions and split the total cost of 36 sessions by 3.

4. Get in on a promotion. Once in a while, some trainers will run contests and special deals where you can save money and/or win free sessions. I’ve done that before and found that people love a good deal. Whenever I can, I will always seek ways to help clients save money while at the same time get stellar results. I’ve also ran Groupon deals to help people save some money on my training services.

5. Refer others. Most trainers have some sort of a referral program. For example, I offer a free session or cash rewards to any client who refers a new client to me (amongst other incentives). Some of my clients have told me that they absolutely love my referral program, especially since some of them ended up with more than 5 free sessions.

If it benefits my clients in any way, I will keep doing it.

Please keep in mind that these are some of my examples on how I’ve helped my clients save money. Referral programs and policies differ from trainer to trainer so my advice is to always ask your chosen trainer the details of their promotions.

If you found this useful in any way, please share.

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