Race Report: The Q’s Victoria Run Series Cross Country Meet #1


The first of 3 of The Q’s Victoria Run Series 2014 cross country meets took place on September 6. The weather was absolutely beautiful, almost on the verge of being a little too hot.

At this point, I basically knew everyone at the race and I became known as “The Muscle MLK girl” amongst all the participants.

Earlier in the season, during one of The Q Run Series track meets, a few people had mentioned that they would love to see me try a cross country race.

I haven’t done cross country since Grade 11, so I knew it would be pretty interesting to see how I do. I recall cross country being fun, so I was really looking forward to doing it again.

Above: Coming in towards the finish.Good times! Thanks Craig for the photo!

The first of The Q Run Series cross country meets was a 4km race at Beaver/Elk Lake. Conveniently, it’s also one of my favorite places to run.

Although the race was referred to as a 4k, it was actually closer to 4.5km. In cross country, the distance doesn’t have to be exact.

The route was ankle friendly, except for one part, where, in addition to going uphill, there were roots that we had to watch out for. As far as cross country races go, I found it pretty mellow in a good way.

I ended up being 2nd in my age group with a time of 18:14. I enjoyed the event and didn’t push it too hard because there was a long run (31km) ahead of me the next day.

However, I definitely looked forward to the next one!

Scott Harrigan
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