Smile,You’re on Candid Camera


By  Mark Hebscher

Sept 8,2014(ISN) – Back in the day, people were surprised when they found out they were caught on camera doing silly things. Nowadays, it’s safe to assume that you are ALWAYS on camera. Somewhere, somebody has footage of you doing something silly. Or something illegal. Or something so disgusting that your bosses, who had defended you to the hilt, can’t wait to fire your ass.

When you first saw the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator back in February, didn’t you wonder how she got that way? And the way he treated her afterwards; letting her lie face down for several minutes, didn’t that send off alarm bells? It sure did for me. Had my wife “passed out” in an elevator, I would’ve called for help and made sure she was comfortable by holding her and, I don’t know, maybe stroking her head. However, had I punched her in the head and knocked her out cold, I likely would’ve just stood there and waited for her to wake up. And that’s what Rice did. So, for the NFL to a) claim they never saw the video recorded “inside” the elevator and then b) issue Rice a two game suspension for violating the league’s domestic abuse policy doesn’t make sense. There’s a cover-up going on here, and NFL comish Roger Goodell has to take the fall. He and his cronies knew what Rice had done, yet they acted as if nobody would ever see the tape, so they were in the clear and the great game of NFL Football could continue to flourish without incident.

Leave it to TMZ, which today has a greater moral compass than that of the National Football League. For acquiring and releasing the new video evidence, and exposing the NFL and Rice for the liars they really are, TMZ deserves an award for journalism. The pictures don’t lie. Rice is a wife-beater and wife-beaters need to go to jail. Getting released by the Ravens and later suspended by the NFL still opens up possibilities for Rice down the road. Why, he could even end up playing in the CFL one day. Remember running back Lawrence Phillips? He played for the Montreal Alouettes and was granted a work visa in Canada even after being arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend while in college. Of course, that was in the 90s, when we, as a society, didn’t think much of domestic violence and our immigration department would allow anyone into the country. And hey, if the guy can play football, let’s give him a break. By the way, Phillips is currently serving a 31 year sentence for felony assault with great bodily injury on his girlfriend which included false imprisonment and making a criminal threat. Rice might join him some day in the steel gray Hilton.

The fact that Rice WASN’T brought up on domestic assault charges in the first place is beyond me. He and his fiancee were arrested that night, but the charges were dropped when, I guess, fiancee Janay Palmer refused to press charges. The couple is now married. So, she knew what happened in the elevator. He knew what happened in the elevator. Investigators in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where the incident took place, knew what happened in the elevator and the NFL, presumably, knew what happened in the elevator. I assume that the NFL figured the video would never be released to the general public, and that the two game suspension to Rice would eventually blow over and give way to the excitement of the upcoming season. But the video surfaced and the questions now start all over. Who saw the tape? Who covered it up? Why didn’t the league come down harder on Rice in the first place? Did the Ravens see the tape? And why didn’t the prosecutor in New Jersey pursue the case and try for a conviction?

So, all we’re left now with is the elevator video. My worst nightmares have come true. If that’s what he was capable of in a public elevator, who knows what he did to her at home? In their bedroom. In the kitchen. In front of their children. The court of public opinion has already convicted Ray Rice of domestic assault. The Ravens had to terminate his contract because the video came out. The NFL had to suspend him because the video came out. And now we know how valuable video evidence can be when it comes to ferreting out thugs and liars and corruption at the highest level. Just a warning to all you future n’er-do-wells. There are camera’s everywhere. If you do something wrong, TMZ or somebody else with a cellphone will find you, record you and expose you for who you really are. And Ray Rice, you are a despicable human being.