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by Cheryl Dobbie Brown

Sept 10, 2014 (ISN) – I felt like I was trying to make a reservation for Valentines Day or New Years Eve when I phoned Brown’s Social House on Goldstream Avenue in Victoria to make a reservation for last night. Brown’s has quickly become the Shamrock fan’s favourite place to gather after regular season Shamrocks games where they have an opportunity to meet and mingle with Shamrock players.


The Shamrocks are back east in Ontario dueling with the Six Nations Chiefs for the title of Mann Cup Champion and Brown’s is still full of die- hard Shamrocks fans. I was told that over half of the restaurant was reserved specifically for patrons coming to watch last nights Shamrocks-Six Nations Chiefs match up. I was relegated to a waiting list but was pleased to receive a last minute call to tell me that they had managed to add another table for my party and me.

I arrived 10 minutes before game time and walked into a sea of green and white. Shamrocks fans were excited and ready to cheer on their beloved Shamrocks to a win in game 4 of the 7 game series. It was quite the mix of fans. The famous Brown’s “Social Table” was filled with the Shamrocks Jar A coach and Lacrosse Hall of Famer Nirmal Dhillon, GM Rod Wood and former Shamrock and Playoffs MVP from 1979 Goalie coach Larry Smeltzer (he trained both Flindell and Haggedorn) and their friends.

Left Heather Clark  Moe Mireaux Sue Chudleigh

Sue Chudleigh, Heather Clark and Moe Mireaux are long time Shamrock fans and season ticket holders. These three women were full of spunk and excitement. If I had to choose a group to watch a game with it would be them. They have watched all four games so far from Brown’s. Sue raved about the service and the treatment they have received at Brown’s. She noted that a few years ago when the Rocks were back east for a Mann Cup they had watched the games at a bar downtown and that the atmosphere was nothing like it is at Brown’s. Sue said that she, her sister (Moe) and friend Heather truly bleed green and I believe it.

I chatted with Dane Schoor’s (played for the Shamrock’s at the beginning of the season but was released) parents who had watched the first three matches at home via a computer feed but decided to come and watch the game at Brown’s because it is the Shamrock’s home restaurant and they wanted to see what the buzz was all about.

Jackson Paul until last night had only heard the cheering and excitement coming from the Shamrocks crowd from the kitchen as he works in the back. It was a day off for Paul; so he brought his son Jamieon down to watch the games. Jamieon had on a Shamrocks t-shirt that was filled with his favourite players autographs. Both Jackson and Jamieon were very excited to be watching the game in a room filled with fellow Shamrock fans.

My good friend Beverly Pickford (who along with my son Brayden and her son Josh had joined me to watch the game) said that she loves watching the games at Brown’s Social House because she and her son both share the love of lacrosse and because it is not a 19+ establishment she is able to watch it with him as her son is only 15. I agree there are not too many places in Victoria or Langford where you can watch a big game or series with your kids in an upbeat atmosphere.


Beverly and Josh Pickford

The game did not have the outcome we had all hoped with the Six Nations Chiefs beating our beloved Shamrocks with a score of 12-6 but the fans still cheered for every goal (especially the fun table of ladies) and you heard encouraging words throughout the game. The game feed lagged and stopped completely several times during the game (it was happening to everyone, even those watching at home) and all the fans were patient and the staff was always on it quickly doing the best they could to restart it.

After the game I stopped to chat with Rod Wood and asked him what he thought of the game and the fact that the largest championship series for one of our national sports was not covered by TSN. Rod’s thoughts are that the Shamrocks need to put Bubba Westwood into the lineup and let him do his job. The Six Nations Team is a very aggressive team and Rod feels that Bubba would do a lot to encourage the Rocks to step up and be more aggressive. As for no televised coverage Wood said that unfortunately it is all about money and at crazy numbers like $90,000 per game to have coverage it is just not doable. It is a shame really. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in North America and you rarely find coverage. I was looking through all of TSN’s 5 channels last week and all 5 channels were showing the same football game.

cheryls friend 2

Jackson and Jamieon Paul

I would like to add that the service was incredible at Brown’s last night. I had the blackened chicken won ton soup and I will definitely be having it again when I return (Hmmm wonder if they do take out)! The staff led by manager Barb, were second to none. Our server Dave was on top of drink refills and checking on all of his tables. His section kept him hopping. I would highly recommend heading down to Brown’s to watch the remainder of the season or to just enjoy a meal.

To the Shamrocks, everyone at home is pulling for you boys!! We have no doubt that you will pull off a win tonight and be one step closer to bring the Mann Cup home to Victoria.


Game 5 is tonight and will be shown on the big screens at Brown’s Social House 783 Goldstream Avenue in Langford. Call 250-590-6735 for reservations.

If you are watching it at home you can find it at Game time is 8:00pm EST or 5:00pm PST