Baseball Workshop Week 2014 – Oct 20-23
Check out this lineup of unique 2 hr workshops we have lined up for you at The Baseball Zone.
As you know, we are big believers in constant, ongoing development of what we refer to as “The Big Three” – Hitting, Throwing & Fielding.

It’s why we design our programs and curriculum the way we do with a heavy emphasis on these fundamentals for all ages and levels.

However, it is valuable at times to delve deeper into certain subjects and topics that we can’t otherwise do during our busy schedules. It is for this reason that we have come up with “Baseball Workshop Week 2014”.

In “Baseball Workshop Week 2014”, each session will be:

Interactive between Coaches & Athletes…AND Parents. Yes, we want you involved, too!
Partially seminar-based explaining the importance of the topic, how it may be misunderstood, and how you can become a better player by mastering it.
Highly informative and chock full of technique, drills & feedback that you may not have ever covered.
Limited to very small numbers for each workshop.
Check out the upcoming schedule we’ve put together for you (all workshops are from 7PM-9PM):

October 20 – Parents, You Are Coaches, Too
The purpose of parent’s night is to teach fundamental concepts of baseball to parents so they can aid and participate in their child’s development. Drill selection, development, teaching points and correction will be covered. When you’re talking, make sure you know what you’re talking about!

October 21 – Pitcher & Catcher Communication
There may be no other relationship in team sports between two players like that of the pitcher and catcher. But what do they communicate and how? And why? Find out more and begin to work on the sometimes silent game within the game.

October 22 – College Scouting Night
What is college baseball all about? Who plays it? How good do I need to be? What are all of these divisions I hear about and what are the differences between them? How do players get evaluated and how do they receive scholarships? All of these questions and many more will be answered. Then you will be put to the test to see where you might currently rank as a candidate and receive a formal feedback package as part of your workshop.

October 23 – Turning the “Routine” Double Play
The pros make it look easy, don’t they? Well like most things they do, it isn’t easy, especially not at the speed at which the pro game is played at. Find out about the components of a high quality double play like footwork, pivots and body positioning and try your own hand at it…and start on your own road to making it look “routine” someday.

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