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College Baseball Recruiting – As Simple as an Email
By Kevin Hussey
For those who plan on playing collegiate baseball in the United States, it’s important to understand the college baseball recruiting process and how simple it can be to get on the radar of coaches.

Some people believe that in order to get a scholarship as a Canadian player, you need to attend showcases or hit .500 while your travel team visits the US multiple times a year. The truth is you can get the recruiting process started just by sending an email to a coach. Many of the smaller programs in the United States don’t have a recruiting budget that allows coaches to travel like they want, so they rely heavily on student athletes coming to them.

It’s best to contact college coaches as early as possible after you’ve made the decision you want to play baseball in the US. The earlier you contact a coach, the more likely it is they have scholarship money available for you. Coaches would like to get the majority of their recruiting finished early in the year so they can focus more on the upcoming season. Having said this, even though it’s best to start making contact with coaches as soon as possible, colleges are always looking for players. Sometimes coaches are scrambling before the start of the school year to fill a roster spot and every year there are athletes who benefit from this. So it is never “too late” to try.

Before sending an email to college coaches, it’s important to have as much necessary information in there as possible. The typical information that a coach would be interested in would be your school, position, height, weight, age, statistics, 60 yard dash, pitching velocity and SAT and ACT scores. It would also help to have a quick video of yourself hitting, fielding and throwing. The purpose of all this information is to make it as simple as possible for the coach to recruit you. In addition, it would be wise to explain to the coach why you’re interested in their school and baseball program specifically. Coaches are looking for athletes who they believe will enjoy their time at the school and plan on spending their full four years of eligibility there.

Along with physical ability, coaches are looking for someone who will academically be capable of staying eligible and can handle the workload in the classroom. Before making contact with a coach, it would benefit you to know the academic requirements for admission and eligibility. If you believe you will be a successful athlete and student, your next step is to prove it to the coach.

For an example of a letter that contains all of the pertinent information that a college coach is looking for, just click on the button below. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Good luck!


Kevin Hussey

The Baseball Zone

Kevin has coached at both the NCAA Division 1 and NAIA levels in addition to being the Recrutiing Coordinator at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI for two years.

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