In the first ever Red Bull Dreamline held on the east coast, 12 finalists out of a field of more than 32 riders rode downhill at speeds of over 30 mph and reached heights of 40 feet in the air in front of a crowd of 3,500 spectators. Ryan Nyquist finished on top, wowing his peer judges in this by-the-riders, for-the-riders event.

(ISN) – NORTH CAROLINA (United States) – A rain delay could not deter professional BMX riders from elite competition at Red Bull Dreamline this afternoon at the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch in Hendersonville, NC. Former North Carolina resident Ryan Nyquist, who turned 35 this year, showed the stable of up-and-coming BMX riders that he still has plenty of gas left in the tank. James Foster, of Redlands, Calif., came in a close second while Australia’s Kyle Baldock took third place.


“To be here in North Carolina and win is epic,” said winner Ryan Nyquist. “The fans were awesome. One of the best feelings all day was after one of my runs when I ran the entire fence line and just did high fives with the fans. It’s cool having that support. Everybody came out and stuck with us through the rain. It cleared up and we had a beautiful day.”


James Foster won the respect of the judges by tricking all 10 hits in one run, with multiple combos like a backflip triple barspin and a back flip barspin to tailwhip. Baldock had some of the biggest tricks of the day, wowing fans with his three double tailwhips and back flip tailwhip to barspin. Nyquist’s runs were highlighted by his signature barspins and propelled him to the front of the pack of younger riders. Nyquist came out on top with his 270 barspin and 270 one-handed x-up on the shark fin. Nyquist was one of the few riders to trick the top half of the course and continue all the way through with hits like a flip no-hander to barspin and a 360 suicide no-hander to late barspin.

Finals Results:

1- Ryan Nyquist Santa Cruz, CA

2- James Foster Redlands, CA

3- Kyle Baldock Queensland, AUS

4- Pat Casey Yorba Linda, CA

5- Chris Doyle Pittsburgh, PA

6- Dennis Enarson San Diego, CA

7- Paul Langlands Cambridge, NZ

8- David Godziek Suscek, POL

9- Mike “Hucker” Clark Huntington Beach, CA

10- Corey Bohan Corona, CA

11- Matt Cordova Longmont, CO

12- Jaie Toohey Sydney, AUS