About the McGill alpine ski team

2013 McGill Ski Team Photo

2013 McGill Ski Team Photo

We are the McGill University Varsity Alpine Ski Team.  This is our homepage where you’ll be able to find team info, contact info, photos, blog posts and links to our future Twitter and Instagram feeds. Stay tuned.
Becoming a student at McGill University makes it possible to combine an education at one of North America’s premiere universities with a top tier ski program. The McGill Ski Team is made up of student athletes who remain serious about their education while interested in continuing to pursue competitive ski racing at a high level.
The McGill Ski Team consists of a 25-person (male and female) varsity roster based on previous experience and achievement in the sport of competitive alpine ski racing, but also strongly based on which athletes show the most commitment to dryland/off-season fitness, fundraising, attendance and the team in general.

During the pre-season, it is required that team members participate in a minimum of 3 team training sessions per week and then complete the remaining prescribed weight-training program and aerobic exercise on their own time.  During the season, it is required that all members of the team participate in on-snow team training sessions twice a week. During the winter, continuing to follow the weight-training program on your own time is highly encouraged.


Our team competes on the Quebec University Ski Circuit run by the R.S.E.Q, which consists of university-F.I.S. races and standard university races spanning the Quebec region at hills such as Mont Saint-Sauveur, Mont Sutton, Le Relais, Le Massif and more. We compete against teams from Université de Montréal, Université de Laval and Concordia at all our races, with F.I.S. races drawing in teams from American colleges and universities such as Dartmouth University, Middlebury College, University of New Hampshire  and more.  Studies permitting, team members may also have the opportunity to compete in extra F.I.S. races together within a couple hours drive of the downtown McGill campus.


Team Council Contacts


Sebastien Faucher
Recruitment Officers

Dryland Coordinators
Felix Lavergne & Makena Korte-Moore

Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinators
Kelsey Wilcox, Alexandre Gauvin & Ben McAusland
Dominique Ferland 

Varsity Council Representative
Hannah Kapur & Alex Schram

    Alumni Representative
    Alexander Norman

      Public Relations Officer
      Elise Dedekam

        Social Events Coordinator
        Christina Schram