NCCP Level 3 Theory Deadline Approaching


Coach and athletes at the Youth Olympic Games this past summer in China.

For the last five years, rowing has been transitioning from the old National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to a new athlete-centric coaching model.

  On November 15, 2014, all coaches seeking credit for NCCP Level 3 Theory must have completed their courses by that time.  If courses are not being offered in your province before November 15, exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

WHO SHOULD PURSUE NCCP LEVEL 3 THEORY?  Any coach that has already completed NCCP Level 3 Technical and / or parts of NCCP Level 3 Theory may be interested in considering completion of NCCP Level 3 Theory.

WHAT IS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE NCCP LEVEL 3 THEORY?  In order to complete NCCP Level 3 Theory before November 15, 2014, the coach must have attended and completed the following NCCP Multi-Sport Modules for the Competition-Development stream (Comp-Dev):

Making Ethical Decisions

Plus four (4) of the following six (6) modules within the Competition-Development context


  Developing Athletic Abilities

Design a Basic Sport Program

  Prevention and Recovery

NOTE:  If a coach has previously completed these modules for another context (e.g., Instructor-Beginners, Competition-Introduction, etc.) or as equivalency for NCCP Theory 1 & 2, they do not need to re-do these modules.

  Coaching and Leading Effectively

  Psychology of Performance

  Managing Conflict

 Leading Drug-Free Sport


Absolutely, yes.  As a coach, if you are working with competitive athletes, these NCCP multi-sport courses provide an excellent foundation of knowledge and are a course requirement for completion of RCA Performance Coach status.  Rowing Canada Aviron is not encouraging the pursuit of NCCP Level 3 Certification for coaches who are not already mid-stream, since NCCP Level 3 will be phased out altogether in 2015.  Coaches working with top-performing competitive athletes at the club, provincial, Canada Games, university, and junior world level are strongly recommended to pursue RCA Performance Coach certification. 

WHO DO I CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION?  For more information on Competition-Development Multi-Sport Modules being offered, please contact your provincial coaches’ association

Provincial Coaching Association


Alberta > Coach Alberta

British Columbia > ViaSport BC

Manitoba > Coaching Manitoba

Ontario > Coaches Association of Ontario

Quebec > SportQuebec

New Brunswick > CoachNBEntraîneur

Newfoundland and Labrador > CoachingNL

Nova Scotia > CoachingNS

Prince Edward Island > SportPEI

Saskatchewan> Coaches Association of Saskatchewan

For more information about RCA coach education and development, please contact  For more information about coach education programs being offered by your provincial rowing association, please contact your local Provincial Rowing Association representative.


RCA Seeks Learn to Row Curriculum Reviewer

RCA’s Learn to Row Curriculum was officially rolled out as part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in 2008 and was a key first step in moving from the old NCCP Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to the new athlete-centric coaching model. 

Since 2008, more than 800 instructors have attended the Learn to Row Instructor and Learn to Row Instructor – Adaptive workshops across Canada and provided insightful feedback about the workshop content, how it is delivered and how applicable it is when they carry out their job as Learn to Row Instructors.  Rowing Canada Aviron, with the support of the Coaching Association of Canada, is committed to reviewing and evolving the Learn to Row Instructor workshop to better meet the needs of the participants and ultimately the Learn to Row athlete.

Rowing Canada Aviron is assembling a working group of approximately 5-6 individuals to review the curriculum between now and April 2015.  RCA is seeking qualified Learn to Row Instructors, Club Programmers, Learning Facilitators and Evaluators who would be interested in contributing to this working group, either through finite review exercises (i.e., Safety) or through the review of the entire curriculum from start to finish.  Any qualified and interested individuals are asked to contact Jacquelyn Novak, Director Coach Education and Development for more information at

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