Statement from the Commissioners of the CHL


(ISN) – Toronto – The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is the world’s premier development hockey league and the number one supplier of player talent for the NHL, Canadian university hockey and Canada’s national hockey teams. Our players are some of the best amateur student athletes in the world and we are proud to provide them with the support, programs and tools to ensure they have the best player experience.

As the CHL we have worked hard over the last decade to continually review, refine and improve the player experience. This player experience, funded by our member teams and leagues, now includes:
· an education program, unmatched in amateur sports, that promotes academic success both during their time in the CHL and after, including post-secondary scholarship programs,
· extensive health and safety, anti-doping and mentoring programs that support our players whether they continue with the sport or pursue other careers,
· a comprehensive mental health program in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, and
· out-of-pocket expense coverage, equipment, billeting and travel costs.

In all three CHL member leagues, the Commissioners have spent much time dealing directly with players and their parents on team-specific issues. The Commissioners are always available to respond to any concerns raised by players or their parents. We will also continue to review and refine our programs through research and talking to our players, their parents, and our teams. We believe that our players are amateur student athletes.

In terms of the class action that was filed today in Toronto late last week, the CHL, our member leagues and teams will vigorously defend ourselves against this action which will not only have a negative effect on hockey in Canada but through all sports in which amateur student athletes are involved.

In addition, despite all mentions to the contrary, recent communications and social media posts by Glenn Gumbley of the CHLPA lead us to believe that the Gumbleys are still actively involved on the fringes of junior hockey in Canada and with this action. The CHL will once again issue warnings to our players and their parents cautioning them about the Gumbleys.

Scott Harrigan
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