Auburn fans meet the real Bruce Pearl when he turns class into a pep rally


One trait Bruce Pearl will never lose is the ability to entertain.

Through his many antics at Tennessee (going full oompa-loompa for Pat Summit, going shirtless under a checkered blazer for 16 bars at the VOLSCARS or screaming ‘Rocky Top’ with his coarse, Boston-accent) Pearl proved he likes to keep the fans and students engaged in the team.

After invading an Auburn classroom with his army of cheerleaders, pep band performers, players and the Tiger mascot, Pearl has shown he has not lost his fun side in his three-year hiatus from coaching college basketball.

Got a picture with Coach Bruce Pearl after our Classroom Takeover in Lowder. He said he loved our…

— Chris Watson (@FreshPrinceOfAU) October 21, 2014