#MMVault Watch Party features the Laettner buzzer-beater vs. Kentucky


Considered by many the greatest NCAA tournament game — and by some, the all-time best college basketball game — the 1992 East Regional Final is remembered simply as “The Shot.”

Duke, the defending national champion, trailed Kentucky 103-102 with 2.1 seconds remaining in overtime. From the baseline, Grant Hill threw the inbounds pass the length of the court to Christian Laettner, who dribbled, turned and sank a jumpshot as the horn sounded for a one-point victory.

NCAA.com is reliving that magical moment with the #MMVault Watch Party at 7 p.m. ET Wednesday. Fans can watch the entire 1992 classic on NCAA.com and follow @marchmadness for pertinent tweets related to the game action.

Tweets by @marchmadness

Coach: Rick Pitino Coach: Mike Krzyzewski
No. Player Twitter No. Player Twitter
24 Jamal Mashburn @jamalmashburn 3 Marty Clark @martyclarknlb
14 Jeff Brassow 4 Kenny Blakeney @poopeeBlakeney
34 John Pelphrey @40MinutesofPel 5 Ron Burt
12 Deron Feldhaus 11 Bobby Hurley @BobbyHurley11
32 Richie Farmer 12 Thomas Hill
11 Sean Woods @SeanWoodsMSU 21 Antonio Lang
31 Dale Brown 23 Brian Davis
44 Gimel Martinez 32 Christian Laettner @laettnerbball
5 Travis Ford @OSUCoachFord5 33 Grant Hill @realgranthill33
23 Nehemiah Braddy 44 Cherokee Parks
10 Andre Riddick @Drerid 52 Erik Meek
42 Carlos Toomer 54 Christian Ast
25 Aminu Timberlake @AminuTimberlake
3 Chris Harrison