Westshore Rebels Executive honoured with Ken Smith award


(ISN) – The Westshore Rebels Junior football team is elated and honoured after the British Columbia Football Conference selected team President Elise Pastro and Secretary/Treasurer Sue Fournier as the recipients of this years ‘Ken Smith award’ recognizing the BCFC Executive of the year that has made a difference for the betterment of their team and junior football in BC.

The BCFC thanks and congratulations Elise and Sue for their tremendous work in 2014 and award them the Ken Smith Executive Award.


Westshore Rebels President Elise Pastro commented on this award, the Westshore Rebels are thrilled to be acknowledged for their efforts in the 2014 season by being awarded the Ken Smith Executive of the Year. Even though Sue and I were singled out, this was an entire executive effort, kudos to Silke Allard, Rob Cherneff, Sue Fournier, Doug Morison, Jim Worth and Trish Worth as well as our media and community relations spokesperson Jason Sperling. Junior football is an integral part of the Victoria football community and has been on rocky grounds for several years. Improving the image of our program and creating community awareness was the primary focus this season. Although the many successes we had weren’t seen on the scoreboard being named for this award acknowledges that the BCFC believes that we are moving in the right direction. It has been a pleasure to work with such a cohesive hard working group of individuals on our executive and I look forward to building on what we accomplished this year into next season.”

About the Ken Smith award:
President of the Surrey Rams from 1972 to 1973 and then from 1975 to 1985. Elected to the BC Football Conference Board of Directors in 1988 and is currently a Director at Large. In 1992 named the first recipient of a Life membership in the BCFC. In 1993 he received a life membership in the Canadian Junior Football League. In 2001 the BCFC created the Ken Smith Executive of the Year Award. In 2007 he was a Pioneer Award Winner at BC Lions Orange Helmet Awards. In 2009 he received the Ed Henick Meritorious service Award from the Canadian Junior Football League. As chosen by the BCFC Board of Directors, the recipient may be any team executive or BCFC Board member.

Written by Silke Allard (Westshore Rebels Executive member) for the BCFC website – Nine short months ago the Westshore Rebels new executive group was born; consisting of Elise Pastro President, Rob Cherneff equipment manager, Trish Worth Vice President Jim Worth equipment manager, Doug Morrison equipment manager, Sue Fournier Treasure and Secretary and Silke Allard billeting coordinator. Together we were under a lot of pressure financially and wondered if we’d be able to field a team of anxious young men. So they could play one of the greatest games in the world Football. Little did we know two of the Rebels executives would rise above expectation, along with the help of the rest of the crew.

Rebels have made the differences in many people’s lives and our community here in Victoria and also the BCFC community. We have shown our WORTH tenfold and it has not always been on the score board. We have regained our spirit, reputation and integrity.

You could tell how little sleep Sue got as she would often text us at 11:30pm and again at 6:30 in the morning. While She was away on vacation camping she took her computer with her and doing registrations and administrative duties and banking and book keeping getting our rosters ready for the next game day. She helped uphold our commitments to our sponsors driving all over Victoria and delivering team photos and letter of Thanks. Sue is always full of a wealth of information from her experiences and this is priceless to our Rebels Team!

Both of the women had the courage to run with the team and put all they had into this. There were many emotional boards meeting and this was now the time to catch the ball and run a touch down!

Elise spent countless hours washing and hanging to dry Rebels jerseys she even stayed up late to sew the rips and tears and buttons. One night she even emptied her truck and realised that at midnight she forgot to get the Rebels sandwich boards along which advertised games on the highway! Elise had everything we needed either in her purse from a sharpie marker or tape for spats in her tickle trunk. She made sure away and home games had refreshments and snacks for players and referees. Continuously attended our Community events with great Rebel Pride whether it is Mc Happy Days or Canadian Services Blood drives along the way connecting with Politicians and our community sponsor. Elise spent 24/7 on the field and off the field always at practices and games. She would often get a light bulb idea in the early mornings when we were all counting sheep.

During this season Elise and Sue have more than Rebelled up and would like to thank them for the committeeman’s they have made to these young men We have not only scored well we have made positive differences and impacted our young grid iron kids and community in many ways on the island!