(Nicole and Lee Smith, the owners and founders of Blood and Iron) Photo credit 

On November 1st, Blood and Iron will become the world’s only HEMA school with two locations

(ISN) – Victoria, BC – In an unprecedented move, Blood and Iron Martial Arts is now the only Historical European Martial Arts school in the world to operate out of two brick-and-mortar, full time locations. Nicole and Lee Smith, the owners and founders of Blood and Iron, are thrilled to announce the permanent location of Blood and Iron Victoria on Devonshire Road in Victoria.

Nicole Smith remembers that “what started out as a little sword fighting study group in a church hall 7 years ago has grown into one of the most recognized and award winning Historical European Martial Arts Schools in the world.” And indeed, instructors and students alike have become some of the most decorated HEMA fighters with a reputation known world-wide.

Based in New Westminster, Blood and Iron has been running a secondary school in Victoria out of local parks and other temporary locations, but will now have a permanent new home on Devonshire Road. With the help of Erik Bailey, the head instructor for Blood and Iron Victoria, the school will be opening on November 1st – Here’s hoping that the paint is dry!