Canadian Direct Insurance Premier League – Week #4

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(ISN) – Hello Rugby fans,
It was another great day on the pitch. Here’s a look at the results from today’s action.
(updated at 6:30pm. Some scores unavailable at time of release)

The Canadian Direct Insurance Premier League – Week #4

2:30pm home Rowers 27
  visitors James Bay 28
2:45pm home Burnaby Lake 36
  visitors Castaway Wanderers 17
2:45pm home UVic  
  visitors Ravens  
2:45pm home UBC 23
  visitors Capilano 17

Adidas Women’s Premier League – Week #3  
11:30am home Burnaby Lake 0
  visitors Velox 31
11:30am home Capilano  
  visitors SFU  
12:00pm home Seattle 34
  visitors Abbotsford 25 

Ceili’s Cup Division 1
1:00pm home Rowers 55
  visitors James Bay 14
  home Burnaby Lake [20]
default visitors Castaway Wanderers [0]
1:00pm home UVic  
  visitors Ravens  
1:00pm home UBC 35
  visitors Capilano 36
Okanagan Spring Brewery League 1
2:30pm home Langley  
  visitors Bayside  
2:30pm home United 7
  visitors Surrey 12
2:30pm home Richmond 3
  visitors Meraloma 41
  home Seattle 65
  visitors Abbotsford 8
Okanagan Spring Brewery League 2
1:00pm home Langley  
  visitors Bayside  
1:00pm home United 10
  visitors Surrey 44
1:00pm home Richmond 10
  visitors Meraloma 24
1:00pm home Seattle 38
  visitors Abbotsford 34
Vancouver Island Cowichan Cup
1:00pm home Nanaimo 8
  visitors Port Alberni 33
3rd Division
11:30am home Rowers 5
  visitors Scribes 3
12:00pm home Burnaby Lake 19
  visitors Kelowna 9
1:00pm home Brit Lions 11
  visitors SFU 3
1:00pm home Richmond  
cancelled visitors Abbotsford  
1:00pm home Capilano B 34
  visitors Kamloops 8
11:30am home UBC 14
  visitors Capilano A 34
1:00pm home Kats  
  visitors Surrey  
1:00pm home Ridge Meadows  
  visitors Chilliwack  
Women’s – Div 1     
11:30am home United  
  visitors Nanaimo 19
11:30am home UBCO 23
  visitors Kamloops 17
11:30am home Ridge Meadows 7
  visitors Meraloma 38
Women’s – Div 2    
10:00am home Chilliwack 19
  visitors Langley 17
10:00am home Burnaby 10
  visitors Velox 43
cancelled home Comox  
  visitors Brit Lions  
  home Seattle  
cancelled visitors Abbotsford