( ISN) -(An excerpt from Kenny Warren’s trilogy

( Wayne’s retirement photo highlighting the several teams he played on)

By Kenny Warren

The reign of Wayne falls mainly to his feign.
Skate won when Fate spun a Great One. Ice was the domain
where Wayne would reign. Again and again NHL hockey
records were slain by Wayne. For opposing players,
Wayne became their bane, their main pain,and for some
even a brain sprain.
At Coach’s Corner, Don Cherry would explain to MacLean
that Bobby Orr was much, much more.
“Bobby Orr, number four, can really score, eh?” chortled  Cherry.
“You complain,” said MacLean, “but I deign that Gretz and
Orr remain the best twain.”
“Howe the Hull can’t you decide on just ONE for best? Just
ONE?” retorted Cherry loudly.
“You said it, Don. Just ONE. There is just ONE. He’s called
‘THE ONE’. You just spat a ton for THE GREAT ONE,” explained
MacLean. “I’m sure Wayne Gretzky will thank you.”


(I believe this is the only Wayne Gretzky card that Walter ever signed,

because he told me he never did it before, and he would never do it again.)

At that point MacLean couldn’t restrain Cherry’s cane from
causing him pain.
A CBC cameraman would ascertain and later explain that MacLean
did complain of Cherry’s caning, and he heard MacLean in a feeble
voice of pain and disdain say to Cherry: “I’m going to ask Brian
Williams if he will work with you again.”
(In 1987 every member of Canada’s World Junior Hockey Team
and Russia’s Team dropped their gloves and fought. Both teams
were kicked out of the World Junior Tournament. At the time, Canada
going for gold and Russia couldn’t medal. Brian Williams and Don
Cherry were covering the tourney for CBC. Brian Williams was
disgusted with the Canadians for fighting and ranted so much
about it on the air that Cherry said he would punch his lights
out. Brian never said another word about it until much later
when he asked a colleague on air: “Do you think Don really
meant it?”
Future NHL players at the 1987 tournament included Brian
Shanahan, Theoren Fleury, Sergei Federov, and Alexander Mogilny.