#MMVault Watch Party: Villanova’s stunning 66-64 upset of Georgetown


Rollie Massimino — just the name makes you smile. In 1985, Massimino and Villanova took March Madness to another level — and not just because it was the first year the field was expanded to 64 teams. (It also was the last tournament without a shot clock.)

The No. 8 seed, Villanova — led by the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player, Ed Pinckney — defeated top-seeded Georgetown 66-64 in one of college basketball’s greatest upsets.

Villanova remains the lowest-seeded team to win the national championship.

NCAA.com is reliving that magical moment with the #MMVault Watch Party at 7 p.m. ET Wednesday. Fans can watch the entire 1985 classic on NCAA.com and follow @marchmadness for pertinent tweets related to the game action.

Tweets by @marchmadness

Coach: Rollie Massimino Coach: John Thompson
No. Player Twitter No. Player Twitter
50 Connally Brown 10 Perry MacDonald
10 Veltra Dawson 12 Kevin Floyd @KevinFloyd7
51 Chuck Everson @ChuckCats41 24 Bill Martin
20 Brian Harrington 30 Michael Jackson
32 Harold Jensen 32 Horace Broadnax @CoachBroadnax
43 Wyatt Maker 33 Patrick Ewing
13 R. C. Massimino 34 Reggie Williams
33 Dwayne McClain @dwaynemcclain33 40 David Wingate @DWingateGtown25
22 Gary McLain 41 Tyrone Lockhart @TyroneLockart
54 Ed Pinckney @EZed54 44 Ronnie Highsmith
25 Steve Pinone 51 Grady Mateen
31 Mark Plansky 52 Ralph Dalton
21 Harold Pressley
4 Dwight Wilbur