2014 CIS cross country championships: Guelph sweeps team titles for 9th straight year


Nov 08, 2014

Gryphons also claim both individual titles for firstcomplete sweep since 2011

ST. JOHN’S, Nfld. (CIS) – The University of Guelphclaimed both the women’s and men’s titles at the 2014CIS cross-country running championships, marking the ninthconsecutive year the Gryphons have captured both banners. The raceswere held at St. John’s Pippy Park golf course for the firsttime in the event’s history, Saturday.

The weather provided a serious challenge for both races withwinds peaking near 110 km per hour, accompanied by rain andsometimes hail-like conditions.

It was the 10th consecutive banner performance for the Guelphwomen and the ninth straight for the men’s squad, extendingtheir own CIS records. The Gryphons have now racked up 25 teamtitles in their prestigious history, also a CIS mark, 12 more thanVictoria.

“The weather was an interesting variable today which tendsto compress the field,” said head coach Dave Scott Thomas.“Last night at our team meeting we re-jigged our strategies,and today they executed them perfectly. From a technical andemotional standpoint the team was ten out of ten.”

In individual competition, Guelph’s Carise Thompson,coming off second-place finishes each of the past two years,captured the women’s gold medal in the six-kilometre eventthanks to a time of 22 minutes and 42.2 seconds. The fifth-yearsenior had also placed fourth in her sophomore season, in 2011.

Teammate Ross Proudfoot (33:47.2) took top spot in themen’s 10-kilometre race. The former CIS rookie of the year,also a fifth-year veteran competing in his last university event,had claimed CIS silver in 2012.

It marked the third individual gold in four years by a Guelphwoman and the sixth in seven seasons – and second straight– by a Gryphon male runner.

The Gryphons had not swept all four CIS titles –individual and team – since 2011.

In the women’s race, the Gryphons placed six runners inthe top 18, including gold and bronze medal performances, theirfive scorers giving them 34 points for a comfortable lead overTrinity Western (105) and Queen’s (132) in the teamstandings.

Queen’s best individual effort came from last year’snational champion, Julie-Anne Staehli (22:50.3), who was the secondcompetitor to cross the line. The Gryphons Katelyn Ayers (22:55.4)joined Staehli and Thompson on the podium.

“I think that everything came together for metoday,” said Thompson. “I have been working really hardand the weather conditions were absolutely brutal but mental andphysical toughness were key.

“I’ve had my heart set on winning CIS gold the pastthree years, I came second the last two, and this year everythingcame into place.”

On the men’s side, Guelph claimed gold and placed fiverunners in the top 13 to finish with 27 points. Tristan Woodfine(33:54.8) chased his teammate Proudfoot down the home stretch andtook second place in front of Laval’s CharlesPhilibert-Thiboutot (34:04.2). Woodfine and Philibert-Thiboutot hadalso placed second and third a year ago.

Philibert-Thiboutot’s effort helped his Rouge et Or tothird place in the team standings with 131 points, just behind theUniversity of Victoria (103), whose top finisher was Ryan Cassidy(34:10.0), in seventh.

The men’s and women’s coach of the year award wentto Dave Scott Thomas, who led the Gryphons to a first place finishon both sides. This was his ninth consecutive award in men’scompetition and his ninth in 10 years for the women.

Complete results: http://english.cis-sic.ca/championships/xc/2014/files/sched_results


Team standings
1. Guelph, 34 points
2. Trinity Western, 105
3. Queen’s, 132
4. Toronto, 159
5. Western, 163
6. Victoria, 164
7. Laval, 185
8. Dalhousie, 189
9. Ottawa, 244
10. Alberta, 258
11. Laurentian, 276
12. McMaster, 302
13. Calgary, 303
14. MacEwan, 353
15. Waterloo, 368
16. Regina, 385
17. Manitoba, 437
18. Memorial, 557
19. Thompson Rivers, 577

Individual honours
Athlete of the year: Carise Thompson, Guelph
Rookie of the year: Katie Phillips, Ottawa
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Kendra Pomfret,Victoria
Coach of the year: Dave Scott Thomas, Guelph

First All-Canadians (top 7 finishers)
1. Carise Thompson, Guelph, 22:42.2
2. Julie-Anne Staehli, Queens, 22:50.3
3. Katelyn Ayers, Guelph, 22:55.4
4. Katrina Allison, Guelph, 22:57.1
5. Sarah Inglis, Trinity Western, 22:58.3
6. Claire Sumner, Queens, 23:01.5
7. Alison Jackson, Trinity Western, 23:04.6

Second All-Canadians (finishers 8-14)
8. Emma Cook-Clarke, Calgary, 23:10.0
9. Amanda Truelove, Western, 23:12.7
10. Fiona Benson, Trinity Western, 23:16.8
11. Gabriela Stafford, Toronto, 23:30.4
12. Heather Petrick, Guelph, 23:41.4
13. Vanessa Trofimenkoff, MacEwan, 23:49.1
14. Madeline Yungblut, Guelph, 23:53.5


Team standings
1. Guelph, 27 points
2. Victoria, 103
3. Laval, 131
4. McMaster, 144
5. Windsor, 148
6. Lakehead, 153
7. Trinity Western, 178
8. Calgary, 186
9. StFX, 220
10. Queen’s, 229
11. Dalhousie, 284
12. Regina, 305
13. Western, 328
14. Manitoba, 343
15. Saskatchewan, 430
16. Memorial, 471
17. Thompson Rivers, 538

Individual honours
Athlete of the year: Ross Proudfoot, Guelph
Rookie of the year: Russell Pennock, Calgary
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Mihai Prajea, TrinityWestern
Coach of the year: Dave Scott Thomas, Guelph

First All-Canadians (top 7 finishers)
1. Ross Proudfoot, Guelph, 33:47.2
2. Tristan Woodfine, Guelph, 33:54.8
3. Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, Laval, 34:04.2
4. Dlyan Brown, Lakehead, 34:06.8
5. Yves Sikubwabo, Guelph 34:06.9
6. Aaron Hendrikx, Guelph, 34:08.8
7. Ryan Cassidy, Victoria, 34:10.0

Second All-Canadians (finishers 8-14)
8. Matt Johnson, Regina, 34:19.1
9. Joel Deshiffart, Trinity Western, 34:25.8
10. Alex Wilkie, Queen’s, 34:29.4
11. Olivier Collin, Victoria, 34:30.7
12. Matt McNeil, Dalhousie, 34:32.3
13. Christian Gravel, Guelph, 34:57.2
14. Alexandre Ricard, Laval, 35:02.4



2014 Guelph (at Memorial)
2013 Guelph (at Western)
2012 Guelph (at Western)
2011 Guelph (at Laval)
2010 Guelph (at Sherbrooke)
2009 Guelph (at Queen’s)
2008 Guelph (at Laval)
2007 Guelph (at Victoria)
2006 Guelph (at Laval)
2005 Guelph (at Dalhousie)
2004 Dalhousie (at Guelph)
2003 Calgary (at Moncton)
2002 Toronto (at Western)
2001 Victoria (at Sherbrooke)
2000 Victoria (at Toronto)
1999 Victoria (at RMC / Queen’s)
1998 Victoria (at Waterloo)
1997 Guelph (at Western)
1996 Waterloo (at McGill)
1995 Windsor (at Western)
1994 Victoria (at Western)
1993 Calgary (at Dalhousie)
1992 Calgary (at McGill)
1991 Toronto (at Victoria)
1990 Western (at Ottawa)
1989 Western (at UBC)
1988 Western (at Laval)
1987 Victoria (at Victoria)
1986 Victoria (at Western)
1985 Victoria (at Sherbrooke)
1984 Western (at Guelph)
1983 Western (at Laurentian)
1982 Western (at Laurentian)
1981 Western (at Lethbridge)
1980 Victoria (at Guelph)


2014 Guelph (at Memorial)
2013 Guelph (at Western)
2012 Guelph (at Western)
2011 Guelph (at Laval)
2010 Guelph (at Sherbrooke)
2009 Guelph (at Queen’s)
2008 Guelph (at Laval)
2007 Guelph (at Victoria)
2006 Guelph (at Laval)
2005 Windsor (at Dalhousie)
2004 Windsor (at Guelph)
2003 Windsor (at Moncton)
2002 Guelph (at Western)
2001 Guelph (at Sherbrooke)
2000 Guelph (at Toronto)
1999 Guelph (at RMC / Queen’s)
1998 Windsor (at Waterloo)
1997 Victoria (at Western)
1996 Victoria (at McGill)
1995 Victoria (at Western)
1994 Victoria (at Western)
1993 UBC (at Dalhousie)
1992 Sherbrooke (at McGill)
1991 Toronto (at Victoria)
1990 Ottawa (at Ottawa)
1989 Manitoba (at UBC)
1988 Manitoba (at Laval)
1987 Ottawa (at Victoria)
1986 Ottawa (at Western)
1985 Western (at Sherbrooke)
1984 Queen’s (at Guelph)
1983 Queen’s (at Laurentian)
1982 Toronto (at Laurentian)
1981 Queen’s (at Lethbridge)
1980 Alberta (at Guelph)
1979 Queen’s (at Toronto)
1978 Toronto (at Toronto)
1977 Toronto (at Queen’s)
1976 Western (at Guelph)
1975 Toronto (at Victoria)
1974 Toronto (at Guelph)
1973 OUAA All-Stars (at RMC / Queen’s)
1972 OUAA All-Stars (at RMC)
1971 Western (at UNB)
1970 Western (at UBC)
1969 Guelph (at MacDonald)
1968 Saskatchewan (at Dalhousie)
1967 Toronto (at Guelph)
1966 Toronto (at Guelph)
1965 Toronto (at Guelph)
1964 Manitoba (at Guelph)
1963 McMaster (at Guelph)



2014 Carise Thompson, Guelph
2013 Julie-Anne Staehli, Queen’s
2012 Andrea Seccafien, Guelph
2011 Geneviève Lalonde, Guelph
2010 Jessica Pearo, McMaster
2009 Megan Brown, Toronto
2008 Megan Brown, Toronto
2007 Lindsay Carson, Guelph
2006 Megan Brown, Toronto
2005 Beth Wightman, Toronto
2004 Kristina Rody, Guelph
2003 Beth Wightman, Queen’s
2002 Sarah Dillabaugh, Ottawa
2001 Beth Wightman, Queen’s
2000 Debbie Buhlers, Waterloo
1999 Teresa Duck, Western
1998 Nathalie Côté, Ottawa
1997 Nathalie Côté, Ottawa
1996 Nathalie Côté, Ottawa
1995 Missy McCleary, Windsor
1994 Linda Thyer, McGill
1993 Lisa Harvey, Calgary
1992 Lisa Harvey, Calgary
1991 Anna Gunasekera, Victoria
1990 Anna Gunasekera, Victoria
1989 Lucy Smith, Dalhousie
1988 Lucy Smith, Dalhousie
1987 Brenda Shackleton, Victoria
1986 Brenda Shackleton, Victoria
1985 Brenda Shackleton, Victoria
1984 Jill Purola, Western
1983 Sylvia Ruegger, Guelph
1982 Nancy Rooks, York
1981 Anne-Marie Malone, Queen’s
1980 Sylvia Ruegger, Guelph


2014 Ross Proudfoot, Guelph
2013 Aaron Hendrikx, Guelph
2012 Kelly Wiebe, Regina
2011 Andrew Nixon, Guelph
2010 Kyle Boorsma, Guelph
2009 Matt Brunsting, Guelph
2008 Matt Brunsting, Guelph
2007 Alex Genest, Sherbrooke
2006 Geoffrey Kerr, Calgary
2005 Cristiano Mauricio, Windsor
2004 Cristiano Mauricio, Windsor
2003 Eric Gillis, StFX
2002 Jamie Epp, Saskatchewan
2001 Jerry Ziak, Victoria
2000 Jamie Epp, Saskatchewan
1999 Graham Cocksedge, Victoria
1998 Jeremy Deere, Calgary
1997 Guy Schultz, Western
1996 Éric Jobin, Sherbrooke
1995 Jeff Schiebler, UBC
1994 Joël Bourgeois, Moncton
1993 Brendan Matthias, Toronto
1992 Graeme Fell, UBC
1991 Brendan Matthias, Toronto
1990 John Halvorsen, Ottawa
1989 Richard Charrette, Ottawa
1988 John Halvorsen, Ottawa
1987 John Halvorsen, Ottawa
1986 John Halvorsen, Ottawa
1985 Bob Rice, Ottawa
1984 Paul McCloy, Memorial
1983 Paul McCloy, Memorial
1982 Brian Rhodes, Alberta
1981 Paul McCloy, Memorial
1980 Paul Williams, Toronto
1979 Peter Butler, Calgary
1978 Paul Williams, Toronto
1977 Paul Williams, Guelph
1976 Brian Stride, Brock
1975 Joe Sax, Western
1974 John Sharp, Toronto
1973 John Sharp, Toronto
1972 Rick Munro, Dalhousie
1971 Grant McLaren, Western
1970 Dave Smith, York
1969 Grant McLaren, Guelph
1968 Dave Smith, York
1967 David Bailey, Toronto
1966 David Bailey, Toronto
1965 Jerome Drayton, Toronto
1964 Chris Williamson, UNB
1963 Bruce Kidd, Toronto

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