Bulldogs Boice Named AAA BC Highschool Player Of The Week


Story and images by Erich Eichhorn (ISN)

Erich Eichhorn (ISN) – Belmont Bulldog’s Court Boice was named the AAA BC Highschool Football player of the week, helping his team win 44-7 over West Vancouver last week.  

Reciever Court Boice of the Belmont Bulldogs recieved AAA Highschool honors as player of the week – (File Photo) Erich Eichhorn image (www.allsportmedia.ca)

Last week Boice caught 5 passes for a total yards receiving of 151 yards, recording two touchdowns, and running back a kickoff for 70 yards against West Vancouver. Boice leads the highschool league in total yards receiving with 590 yards, averaging 118 yards per game. He also has five touchdowns this season so far.

The lanky Boice has made the most of his play, formerly taking the helm as a quarterback for the first seven years of his young career, had to make  the conversion to reciever after a shoulder injury and game-changing surgery two years would force him to see the ball from the other end, taking the pass instead of distributing the ball.


Court Boice gains extra yards after the catch in a recent game against the Hyacks – ( File Photo) – Erich Eichhorn (www.allsportmedia.ca)

Belmont Bulldogs hope that Boice can continue his success, with the help of his teammates, to propel them into the post season.


Belmont travels to play Vancouver College today (Novemeber 8th). Playoffs begin next week.