UVic men’s ice hockey team look to continue their previous success


(ISN) – The UVic men’s ice hockey team (5-4-0) looked to continue their previous success

against the Eastern Washington Eagles (4-6-0) Sunday afternoon at the Ian Stewart


The Vikes had already beaten the Eagles the night before with an

astounding score of 10-2. The outcome had to be decided in a shootout as the Eagles

emerged with a 3-2 victory.

UVic’s Adam Klein opened the scoring on an early power play but Morgan Ouellette

of the Eagles tied it not long afterwards. Adam Klein notched another goal to put the

Vikes to a 2-1 lead and shots were tied at 14 apiece to finish the first period. There

was no scoring in the second period but plenty of opportunities as UVic outshot the

Eagles 12-6. The third period was once again in favour of the Vikes as the shots

were 11-7 but they could not keep Josh Rolfe from tieing the game.

Nothing came of overtime so the game was decided in shootout. The shootout went

on for 9 rounds before AJ King of the Eagles finally netted one against UVic starting

goaltender Nick Babich.


“We knew what we did wrong last night.” said AJ King, who scored the game

winning goal for the eagles. “We tried to clean up some stuff tonight.” When asked

about his goal he said “It was nice. I’m proud of my team, and our goalie stood on his

head for us. I’ve played for this team for 4 years and have never won in this building


Luciano Sommerville of the Vikes described the game a little bit differently. “I

thought that they were able to execute and play their game well, they got under our

skin and we didn’t react well; they caught us off guard and we weren’t able to play

the game we did last night.” He also added “ We weren’t able to challenge their

goaltender enough, we made him look pretty good, but we could have definitely

challenged him more, obviously Nick on our end was absolutely unbelievable- I

don’t remember the last time I was in a shootout where a goalie made that many



The next Vikes home game is November 21st against the SFU clan at Ian Stewart

Complex. Puck drop is at 7:30 and entry is by donation.