James Tanner: What’s Up? Late Afternoon Thoughts and Coyotes/Stars


Hey, how’s it going?

I survived my roasting on the old Hotstove and am back to give you the goods on the Coyotes and some other stuff that might cross my mind.

Let’s begin with a hot-tip: Don’t mess with the Flames fans. If anyone asks you, just say yeah, they remind me of the ’72 Habs and Giordano is definitely better than Shane Weber.

Trust me on this one.

Secondly, most of you probably don’t care but it’s exciting news in my world so I’m just going to go ahead and say it’s pretty cool that the Blue Jays signed Russel Martin. This is big news because the Jays not only usually fail to sign free agents, but Russel Martin is a home-town player who chose to come back and play in Canada and I think that’s all right.

What else? Oilers? Feel bad for those guys. Watched yet another game last night where I thought they deserved a better fate than they got. I know at a certain you gotta just cut bait and admit it isn’t working, but I still think they’re playing OK and that the results will eventually balance out.

As for our friends the Coyotes, they look to get a little revenge against their rivals in Dallas tonight. The last time these two teams bet the Stars had lost seven games in a row overall and, since they are not that bad of a team, they were due for a win and got one.

The way they got it was cardiac-event inducing and caused me to say no less than eleven “serenity nows.” With OT looming and the Coyotes on the power-play, the Stars got a break-away and broke the hearts of dozens of Coyotes fans nation-wide.

So, while winning today would be a nice way to score some revenge, and continue what is currently a four game point streak, the Coyotes are yet again facing a team due for a win. The Stars have lost three in a row overall, and seven in a row overall. Yikes!

It’s crazy what off-season expectations can do to how we interpret results. For example the “horribly disappointing Stars” are only 2 points behind the “surprisingly competitive” Coyotes.

Anyways, tonight the Coyotes will try to build on a solid game the other night against the Capitals in which they lost 2-1 in OT and it looks like it will be Dubnyk vs Lehtenon and also that Hanzal will be back in the lineup after missing the last game.

Thanks for reading