HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Hotstove: Was The Jason Spezza Extension A Good One For Dallas?


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Welcome to another edition of the Hockeybuzz hotstove.

In this one we’ll discuss whether or not the Jason Spezza extension was a good one for the Stars. Todd Cordell

I like Jason Spezza, but I’m not sure this was a very good deal for the Stars.

Obviously Dallas is a better team with Spezza than without, but I think they overpaid to keep him.

I’m sure the weak free agent class had something to do with it but, again, $7.5 million is a lot for Spezza.

He’ll be 32 years old when the deal kicks in, and is only going to trend downwards from here. He’s come close a few times, but Spezza has only averaged more than a point per game once since 2008-09 and to make that kind of money that’s the kind of production you’d expect.

He’s a very good player, but his best days are behind him, and with the injury problems he’s had the last few years, it’s a risky investment. Adam French

I don’t like this deal from a business standpoint. I like it in the sense that it gives Dallas the future (talking two years or so from now) to roll out a 1-2-3 of Seguin-Benn-Spezza or mix up the lines in many crazy ways like stacking it as they do often now. Spezza is still an excellent player and likely to still be a 60-70 point caliber player throughout the duration of this deal.

However the reason I don’t like it is the money. 7.5 million? What is a player worth these days? I don’t honestly know, other fans don’t know, the media doesn’t know and I’m starting to believe management doesn’t know. Is Patrick Kane worth 10 million? Is Kessel worth 8 million? Well yes, it would seem he is after that deal and this one. It’s starting to unravel. When I had heard Spezza signed I thought it was similar to Gaborik’s deal as both are similar players. Both are offensively gifted, relatively one dimensional players with a history of injuries. Gaborik took a deal with length that lowered his cap hit and wouldn’t be a crippling buyout at 7 years at $4,875,000 per (cap). That’s a flexible deal. This one isn’t. Best pray Spezza can stay healthy and Dallas can gain some forward and defensive depth going forward. Tim Chiasson

I think it’s a good deal. The Stars, or any team, weren’t going to get Jason Spezza for less term than they did so they were limited as to what they could do.

Spezza has back issues so he comes with an injury risk but when he plays he produces at a high level. The concern for me is what this deal looks like in years three and four but, like I said, less term was probably not an option and he probably would have gotten 8+ on the open market.

$7.5M for a player that is a point a game guy, or close to it, is a good contract. How good it will be when he’s 34 years old and his back acts up will be another story. The bottom line, though, is that Spezza is a good hockey player, he has tremendous vision and can make some fantastic plays on the ice.

I’ve always been a fan of Spezza’s playmaking abilities and when you look at contracts like Parise and Krecji as comparable cap numbers I think it’s hard to hate this deal. Spezza brings as much or more offensively as both of those players and if he can stay healthy for the majority of the deal the Stars won’t have second thoughts. Recent posts Will the Flames make the playoffs? NHL power rankings: Penguins unanimously on top Will the Blue Jackets make the playoffs? Best line in the NHL this year? Best defense pairing in hockey? First team to make a panic move? Will the Avs make the playoffs?