Vikes Hockey experiences largest turnout in 9 years


By Anne Marie Abraham

(ISN) – “The support from Vikes Nation and the ambassadors and all the people who made Friday night

possible was absolutely incredible,” said Luciano Somerville. “It was pretty special to be a part

of something like that.”

“It was great having such a great fan base out,” said Thomas Cecchi. Hearing the cheers from

their supporters not only helps boost the team’s morale, it also helps them prepare for the game

off the start so they can play with confidence and reassurance. “It’s huge for us as a team to have

that many people come out and show support.”

With these words from the team members, the University of Victoria Vikes (6-5-1) men’s ice

hockey would like to express their appreciation for the support they received at their Friday night

game on November 21st against the Simon Fraser University Clan (6-6-0). The team would like

to send a special thanks to the Vikes Nation and everyone involved in making the event a

success. With over 515 fans present, the game’s turnout was the largest the Vikes have

experienced since they were established nine years ago.

Vikes Hockey experienced a different atmosphere than what they are used to in front of such a

large crowd, but this only increased their excitement to play. This record setting attendance has

helped put UVic Hockey on the map.

What made the event such a success was the excellent planning by the Vikes Nation

Ambassadors who put together different activities and events during the week before the game to

promote Hockey Night at UVic. Over 160 hours were put into the event by the volunteers and

members of Vikes Nation to make the event a huge success.

With that, the team would like to acknowledge the project manager, Kevin Ram, and the Vikes

Nation Ambassadors, Jason Wright and UVic Recreation, the volunteers, the fans and UVic’s

Athletic Director for all of their hard work and for their attendance at both games.

“The Vikes Nation Ambassadors professionally executed the evening,” said Kelly Loudoun.

“The game was exciting for everyone involved and Vikes Hockey looks forward to future


“It is really important to us that we are being recognized more and more each year,” said

Somerville. “I think this event was a huge step in our relationship with Vikes Nation as well as

the University, students and fans.”

Although the team was unable to take the win against the Clan on Friday night’s game, they

managed to turn the tables in the back-to-back game on Saturday afternoon, coming out with a

victory. The Vikes bounced back to second in the BCIHL standings with 13 points.

“The fans were outstanding and it’s too bad the outcome didn’t go our way,” said Somerville,

“but we hope in the future our fan base will continue to grow because it definitely helps.”