2015 Canada Winter Games Launches National Teaching Resource

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(ISN) – Prince George, BC – Yesterday, the 2015 Canada Winter Games launched the Canada Games Catch the Spirit
program – presented by Lakewood Dental Group – a free teaching resource for educators across the nation.

Designed for teachers by teachers, Catch the Spirit engages students from kindergarten to Grade 8 using five
overarching themes: Unifying Canada; Healthy Living and Sport; Official Languages; Arts and Culture; and Goals
and Leadership.

“Catch the Spirit was developed with the purpose to include all students in the celebration and education of the
Canada Games, regardless of their inclination towards sport,” says Stuart Ballantyne, CEO of the 2015 Canada
Winter Games. “The Catch the Spirit committee has designed an exciting resource, which can be used by
individual teachers or adopted school-wide and helps share the spirit of the Canada Games in classrooms across
the country.”

The 2015 Games was approached by Canada Games Council to update their existing national education
program, Catch the Spirit. Over the past year, a volunteer committee, consisting of teachers and administrators
from School District 57 (Prince George) worked to update and develop a national curriculum that features five
lessons per grade and includes supporting resources such as videos, music, web links and Blackline Masters

“We are honoured that the Canada Games Council chose to work with teachers from Prince George and northern
BC to update their national educational program. It’s a testament to the hard work and expertise in this region,”
says Ballantyne. “We are glad to be able to provide this resource and for the support of the program by the
Lakewood Dental Group.”

“We had the Catch the Spirit program peer-reviewed by educators across Canada to ensure it will integrate into
existing curricula nation-wide,” says Kelly Johansen, Catch the Spirit spokesperson and educator. “Through the
five lessons in Catch the Spirit, students will learn about the history and significance of the Canada Games in
amateur sport and the elements that make the Canada Games unique: arts and culture, Official Languages and
the integration of healthy living and sport in everyday life.”
Catch the Spirit is presented by Lakewood Dental Group, an Official Sponsor of the 2015 Canada Winter Games.
The resource was launched yesterday to highlight the upcoming Sports Day in Canada, which is a national
celebration highlighting the power of sport to build community and get Canadians moving on November 29.
The Catch the Spirit curriculum is available to download for free at www.canadagames2015.ca/catchthespirit.

The Honourable Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development:
“On behalf of the Government of British Columbia I would like to congratulate all members of the volunteer
committee for their first-class contributions to this national curriculum. I am tremendously proud of the local


talent and expertise that went into developing the Catch the Spirit materials. A curriculum based on promoting
healthy lifestyles, unity and a shared Canadian experience helps to create a foundation for strong families and
Mayor Shari Green, City of Prince George:
“In building healthier communities with active youth, Catch the Spirit inspires them to be become involved with
sport, while learning valuable lessons in leadership, community spirit and a greater understanding of our sport in
our country. Having our local educators volunteer their time to help build this curriculum is vital to the story of
the City of Prince George and the 2015 Canada Winter Games. I am proud of our regional educators for helping
to tell our story to youth in Canada.”

Tom Quinn, Chairman of the Canada Games Council:
“The 2015 Host Society has done an outstanding job in updating our education program. With this re-vamped
update to the program, children across the nation will get the chance to fully soak in the Canada Games spirit.”
Sharel Warrington, Chairperson Board of Education, School District No. 57 (Prince George):
“On behalf of the Board of Education, we extend our appreciation to the enthusiastic teachers and administrators
from our district and across the country for their excellence in producing a revised Catch the Spirit education
program. As a Canada Games partner, we know the learning package will be well utilized in our district to further
enhance the excitement of our Canada Winter Games 2015. In addition, thank you to the Host Society for their
comprehensive approach to integrating culture, learning and sport in to this showcase event. We are looking
forward to welcoming the country’s premier young athletes to our district as they strive for a championship in
their chosen sport.”

Dr. Kerim Ozcan, Lakewood Dental Group:
“The Catch the Spirit program, focusing on the participation and healthy living of our youth, is one the Lakewood
Dental Group is proud to support. Engaging the children of today will encourage the development of community
spirit, sport and leadership, empowering the athletes of tomorrow.”

About 2015 Canada Winter Games:
The 2015 Canada Winter Games will be the largest multi-sport and cultural event to ever be held in Prince
George and northern British Columbia and is forecasted to generate an economic impact of over $90 million
while building champions and inspiring dreams amongst Canadian youth. Athletes from 10 provinces and three
territories will compete in 19 sports with the dream of becoming Canada’s next champions. In 2015, choose your
path, leave your tracks, and journey with the 2015 Canada Winter Games as we host the nation and share a
northern story with all of Canada.

About the Official Host First Nation:
The traditional territory of the Lheidli T’enneh stretches 4.3 million hectares from the Rocky Mountains to the
Interior Plains, and includes the City of Prince George. The word, Lheidli, means, “Where the two rivers flow
together,” referring to the Nechako and Fraser Rivers, and T’enneh means, “the people”. Downtown Prince George
and the surrounding neighborhoods now sit on the site that was originally the Fort George Indian reserve,
established in 1892. The history of the Lheidli T’enneh is a big part of the history of the City of Prince George
and the entire region.