Barnard Cup Final between the UVic and Castaway Wanderers

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(ISN) – The Barnard Cup is one of the oldest sporting traditions in British Columbia and is contested each year by the top rugby clubs on Vancouver Island. After a round robin in September, the University of Victoria and Castaway Wanderers emerged on top.

Castaway Wanderers have struggled in the regular season Canadian Direct Insurance Premier League fixtures, going 0-7, but will be bolstered by the return of Ciaran Hearn and Jake Ilnicki who have been on assignment with Rugby Canada.

The University of Victoria Vikes are 5-1-1 in CDI Premier League play and lost only once in the Barnard Cup round robin, notching a +109 point differential over four games.

Kickoff is Saturday, November 29th at 2:30pm from Wallace Field, University of Victoria.


UVic                               Castaway Wanderers
1 Casey Reed                  1 John Braddock (c)
2 Casey Cavers               2 Jake Ilnicki
3 Macbryan Bos               3 Jason Allen
4 Lukas Balkovec            4 Steve Grdic
5 Shea Wakefield            5 Nathan Thomas
6 Luke Campbell             6 Riley Ilnicki
7 Jeff Nishma-Miller         7 Nathan Oliver
8 Dustin Dobravsky         8 Clay Panga
9 James Pitblado             9 Riley Macpherson
10 Guiseppe du Toit        10 Ciaran Hearn
11 Joe Erlic                    11 Jonny Morris
12 Doug Fraser              12 Kennet Moore
13 Remi Anctil ©           13 Jordan Henderson
14 Crosby Stewart         14 Keenan Horton
15 Luke McClosky          15 Sam Rocher
16 Liam Chisholm
17 Sawyer Herron
18 Oliver Nott
19 Morgan Tate
20 Drew Langer
21 Kevin Leask
22 Connor Llewellyn