Highlanders youth travel to San Diego, Washington for tournament competition


Highlanders youth travel to San Diego, Washington for tournament competition

VICTORIA – Highlanders FC men’s and women’s prospect teams will find themselves pitted against the top competition in North America when tournament action gets underway in both the 2015 Surf Cup for the men and 2015 AstroTurf Cup for the women.


“This tournament is a good chance for players to maximize future opportunities in not just Canada but the U.S. as well,” said Highlanders men’s head coach Steve Simonson. “It’s a good, highly-rated tournament that is tailored towards older players.”

While the men are competing in San Diego, the women’s squad will showcase their talent at the Washington-based Astroturf Cup. Both tournaments are a prime opportunity for Highlanders’ players to put their training on display, with both squads matching up against top-level talent in their age group that they do not play regularly. It will also provide players with a solid measuring stick, with the last bout of competition against the same players happening more than three months ago.

“It’s an important week for our kids—it’s probably the first or second time that they’ve played in front of the university and college coaches that attend,” explained women’s head coach Dave Dew. “I’m not that concerned about overall results as long as our players play well. For each of them it’s more important to showcase their own skills, express themselves and catch the eye of a coach.”

This will be the first time competing in either tournament for both Highlanders Prospect squads. Coverage for the Surf Cup can be found HERE, while the AstroTurf results and schedules can be viewed HERE. For more information on the Highlanders organization, please visit www.highlandersfc.ca.