Movember update: moustache nation ready for hibernation

With November coming to an end, it’s almost time for the dirty moustaches to go back into hibernation until next Movember./p>

Before we look at how the Canadian Mo’s are coming along, check out this awesome Movember-themed video belwo from the IOC. See if you can spot boxing legend Lennox Lewis.

Video: Olympic Moustaches – #Movember Special | 90 Seconds Of The Olympics –

— Olympics (@Olympics) November 27, 2014

There were lots of Canadian athletes in the growing spirit this year. Take a look at how their staches turned out:

@MovemberCA voici mon look pour la dernière semaine du movember!!

— Charles Hamelin (@Speedskater01) November 27, 2014

My #Movember stache! What do you all think? Old-school movie star? Send me some luv at

— Mark Tewksbury (@marktewks) November 22, 2014

Nearing the end! This thing has grown in well!

— Kevin Rempel (@KevinRempel) November 26, 2014

FTC athlete @BradenMcLean7 gives Tom Selleck a run for his money. Visit the FTC Movember page:

— Volleyball Canada (@VBallCanada) November 27, 2014

Thanks for all of the #Movember donations! Let’s keep it going!!

— Brady Leman (@Lemanracing) November 24, 2014

Still a few days left to donate to Canada’s Men’s Team’s #Movember pg! @MovemberCA#REDNATION

— RugbyCanada (@RugbyCanada) November 24, 2014

Final week @MovemberCA & we’ve got some great Mo’s, e.g. @JulienBahain. Please back us –

— Rowing Canada Aviron (@rowingcanada) November 24, 2014

Last week of #Movember Omw to #Berlin now, had an awesome time in #Seoul !

— Ted-Jan Bloemen (@TedJan) November 24, 2014

Cette année, 13 membres de l’équipe nationale masculine de bosses s’engagent à soutenir l’édition 2014 du…

— SimonPouliotCavanagh (@SimPoulCavanagh) November 25, 2014

This year, our boys are growing mustaches to raise fund for Movember! Donate and you could win cool prizes such…

— Audrey Robichaud (@AudreyRobichaud) November 25, 2014

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