MEXICO CITY (Mexico) – The 34-year old Frenchman is always looking to set new records in unique locations around the world, and this time was no exception.


In addition to riding the entire length (1.2 km) of the circuit, which stands 33 meters above ground at its highest point, one of Julien’s biggest challenges was to defy gravity itself. The entire track of the roller coaster was designed solely for the use of a motorless train.

“Now I feel better for sure. This morning I was very nervous because I am not used to riding this kind of stuff (a roller coaster). It was the sickest ride ever!” said Julien after finishing one of the hardest stunts of his career.

“This is why I love Mexico, because this is the place where the impossible becomes possible. There’s no place in the world where I could do the same.” During the lap Dupont completed two backflips.


About Julien Dupont – Julien is not unfamiliar to participating in unusual projects. He holds multiple trial freestyle records and is a pioneer and creator of tricks. Julien was the first to successfully land both a backflip and a 360° on a Trial bike. He is no stranger to riding in Mexico either. In 2010 he was part of Red Bull Traffic Jam, where he had to weave, hop, spin, speed and jump his way through a crowded avenue overcoming various obstacles.

About the roller coaster – The famous roller coaster of La Feria de Chapultepec, where Red Bull Roller Coaster took place, is considered one of the 20 classiest wooden roller coasters in the world, a true postcard of Mexico City. In 2015, La Feria will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Red Bull Roller Coaster project kick-started the calendar of events (that will carry on throughout 2015) leading up to the anniversary.