Player Coaching Grant to assist top performing U12 players in Canada


(ISN) – Tennis Canada announced Tuesday the creation of a new Player Coaching Grant to assist top performing U12 players in Canada. This grant was made possible due to support from Canada’s top-ranked male singles player and current world No. 8 Milos Raonic.

Awarded annually, the goal of this Player Coaching Grant is to support the development of top achieving U12 players in Canada. This support is aimed at helping them acquire the competencies essential for them to perform in the future at a world-class level. This grant support will be used to help offset coach and travel-related high performance expenses required to develop properly at this formative stage and age of development.

“Costs associated with a promising player reaching their potential can be difficult on some families. My parents gave me every opportunity to succeed and I’m continuing to set and reach my goals but that’s not the case for everyone,” said Raonic. “I want Canada to continue producing high-calibre talent and hopefully this grant helps remove some barriers that may be facing the young players and their families that need that training, development and competition.”

The recipients for the first two years of the grant were also announced and are as follows:

Liam Draxal
Viktoriya Tabunshchyk
Alexandra Akhipov

Sebastian Sebanescu
Justus Alexandre Agbo
Ariana Arsenault
Melodie Collard

The recipients are all selected by an official selection committee comprised of Milos Raonic and Tennis Canada staff and coaches.