All competitors 18 years of age or older as of January 1, 2015 must declare their eligibility to compete as either an amateur or as a professional when they purchase their 2015 Equine Canada sport licence.

This is an important distinction that affects the divisions in which riders are eligible to compete. A Sport Licence holder is only eligible for amateur classes and divisions if they meet the definition of an amateur and hold their amateur status.

Most amateur divisions have the word “amateur” in the division name; however, the competition’s prize list will indicate whether classes are restricted to amateurs or open to professionals.

In order to be eligible to hold amateur status, competitors must not receive remuneration for training, coaching or working as an official, with the exception of instruction of or coaching of the disabled. Amateurs are non-professionals. For complete amateur rules and definitions please see the Rules of Equine Canada, Section A: General Regulations, Article A902, as well as Section G: Hunter & Jumper, Article G108. [link to rulebooks]

In order to be identified as an amateur and eligible for amateur divisions and classes, applicants 18 years of age and older must check the “Amateur” box on the sport licence form and pay the Amateur fee when applying for or renewing their sport licence. Competing in an amateur division without holding amateur status will result in a fine payable to Equine Canada.