When it comes to getting fit, there are many obstacles that can get in your way if you let them.

For those who are just starting their fitness journey, as well as those who have attempted to get in shape but did not reach their goals the first time, the whole process can be daunting.

Stepping into the gym for the first time or at any time when you don’t feel like you belong there can be scary.

I got some news for you: YOU BELONG THERE just like everyone else who is already there.

It shouldn’t be scary and this is why I do my best make sure that everyone feels welcome when they come to my gym.

While it’s possible that some unforeseen circumstances beyond your control can derail your progress, you can avoid sabotaging yourself.

Fortunately, most of the things that will get in your way are things that you can control and change.

However, in order to make those changes you have to be honest with yourself and identify all the different ways that you are setting yourself up for failure.

1. You think: “What’s the point? I’m going to fail anyways.” This type of mindset sets you up for failure, giving you a reason not to try in the first place.

How are you supposed to succeed when you think you will fail before you even start?

2. You also think: “I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work.” Just because it didn’t work the first time, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work now, especially if you take a different approach.

So, try something different to help you reach your goals. You might also have to give yourself a bit more time because good things come to those who are both patient and work hard.

3. You allow external negative influences. We all have that one or two friends who are constantly putting down our efforts without truly meaning to.

They are the people who use the terms “realistically” and “that’s impossible” a bit too frequently, especially when you mention your goals.

They also have an apathetic attitude towards trying new things and give you reasons why you won’t be able to do it. They are the people that you need to slowly disassociate from.

4. You expect results too quickly and beat yourself up when it doesn’t happen fast enough. If you love and trust the process, progress will become inevitable, but in due time.

The problem with expecting results too quickly is that you don’t end up sticking with it long enough. See point #2.

5. You are not consistent enough. Whether it’s clean eating or exercising, if you are not doing it consistently, you will not get the results you are looking for.

Yes, there will always be challenges and other things to do that will get in the way of your goals.

The trick is to make your goals a priority and make time to do the things you need to in order to reach them.

6. You are doing the wrong types of workouts. Not every body responds the same way to different types of workouts.

Based on your goals, you need to do the right combination of strength training, cardio, flexibility and core stability.

In other words, if you are looking to lose weight, doing 2 hours of walking on the treadmill won’t help you much (although it’s better than not doing anything at all)

Wishing you all the best in reaching your fitness goals.

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