* Teams are still in the hunt for free agent right-handers Max Scherzer and RHP James Shields. ….

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Hot Stove Heat-Up- Come Get Leftovers!

By Zach Swanson
The Hot Stove season is anything but over yet, just like leftovers after a nice Christmas dinner. There is still Max Scherzer, James Shields, Asdrubal Cabrera and former Blue Jay Colby Rasmus, along with all-looming Cole Hamels trade talks.

The latest Scherzer, Shields
The bidding for Scherzer has seemed to be cut down to three teams: the Detroit Tigers, Washington Batioals and St. Louis Cardinals, according to ESPN. He also includes the possibilities of either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Los Angeles Angels getting Scherzer. What do I think? I believe that a return to the Motor City is almost inevitable.
The Shields bidding is looking to be down to the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants. Why are these three teams going after Shields but not Scherzer? Shields is looking for about $110 million, but Scherzer is after around a $200 million salary.

Asdrubal? Where?
This one is tougher because there have been next-to-no indications of where Cabrera will land. My thoughts? Philadelphia. He won’t need a big contract, and after the Jimmy Rollins and Antonio Bastardo trades that not only freed up the shortstop spot, but also payroll room, it seems as if he is a fit there. Other possibilities? The Minnesota Twins, New York Mets, Oakland A’s and even a return to the capital could be a possibility.

Cole Hamels and the Ever-Changing Trade Rumors
This is such a funny example, because it seems to change every time that you look. Once it’s staying, then he’s off to Washington, then to Boston, then to the San Diego Padres. But I believe we have finally reached an end to this, as a hometown return to the also ever-changing Padres seems less like a dream and more like a reality for Hamels. With the latest additions of the Padres, from Matt Kemp, Justin Upton and Derek Norris to sort of-rookie Wil Myers, another move by the Padres would seem much like a fit for Hamels and the Padres.

Oh, ya. Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year and all that stuff. Go Santa.