Catching up with Kevin Hill

kevin hill

(ISN) – Catching up with Kevin Hill

How long were you training in Austria?

I was in Austria for 18 days with about 12 days on snow!

How was the team morale once the World Cup got cancelled?

I felt everyone was relieved to finally get a decision as to whether or not we were staying for another two weeks or coming home. I was very pleased, only because I felt that I needed to get home, eat some home cooked vegetarian meals, hit the gym and regain my strength.

How does X-Games compare to World Championships?

This is all personal preference, X-Games is my childhood dream so it’s the best event in my eyes this year. The crowds of people are amazing and the money pay out is an added bonus! Don’t get me wrong. World Champs is a very important race to me but so is every event I enter. World Champs to me is just another World Cup with fewer riders, it’s a great event, but in North America, X-Games is the only event at which we really get exposure we need for our sport.

What are your plans for the holidays?

I never have too many plans during Christmas, just enjoying spending time with family and seeing my friends who are back in town. I will also be training hard daily at the gym and doing starts at my house on my pump track, which is working awesome as a mini SBX pump course. Then I’ll head up to Silver Star for a few days on the hill!

I also just started playing hockey this fall for the first time with my dad’s old timers league, and I love it! It’s extra cardio twice a week and a fun time learning how to play.

Does the delayed start to the season affect your motivation?

Not at all, it’s a relief to me actually, I lose motivation when I’m at a training camp pushing it for too long without any events. I’m at my best when I’m at home in my own environment, training daily and eating healthy. That’s what keeps my motivation high!

With Rob Fagan retiring, have you filled that leadership role on the team?

That’s a hard one to answer. Rob played a big role when I started on the team, showing me the ropes and always being there for me when I wanted to know what was the fastest line. I hope that I can be there for the new up-and-coming kids and kind of play that brother role with them like Rob did for me over the past 4 years.