James Tanner: New Year, Some Optimism and Klinkhammer on the Move Again


So I hope y’all had a fun New Years. Mine was good, and subsequently, you’ll have to excuse me if you came on here yesterday looking to read about the Coyotes New Years Eve extravaganza in which they lost 6-0 to the Stars.

Just kidding, unless you are a Dallas fan hoping to rub it in, I doubt anyone missed that.

Myself, let’s just say I needed a day to process it for whatever reason.

The beat-down was a fitting end to a garbage year for the Coyotes (my year was good, I am not complaining, but the team is in a rough spot) and kind of hilariously book-ends one of the lamest winning streaks in NHL history.

To wit: The Coyotes went a full month without beating an NHL team other than the Oilers when they lost two Mondays ago to the Canucks 7-1. They then came out and beat the Oilers again and then won a game in a shoot-out, then mercifully, they beat the Flyers (another bad team) to make it three in a row. However, faced once again with a real opponent on New Years Eve, they took the proverbial dump in the bed that everyone was probably expecting.

The good times just do never stop.

However, let us not dismiss so easily a three game winning streak even if one was a coin-flip and the other was against the only team we can beat (5-0 this year), since the win against the Flyers did mark the first regulation win against a team that wasn’t the Oilers since November 14th – a span of nearly six weeks – and should be celebrated accordingly.

So, as we move into the new year (and I can finally start to have some semblance of what day it is) what can we expect from the team now that the team has solid ownership (one assumes)?

We can expect the team to move Vermette, Yandle and everything that isn’t nailed down and regroup next year with a young and exciting team built around Max Domi (having a great WJC) and OEL. Perhaps if the team is smart and pro-active they could add one of Connor McDavid or Jack Eichal to this mix and have a very short, successful rebuild and a minimum amount of pain.

A boy can dream at least.

Note: the team is off today and resumes play tomorrow against the Blue Jackets. Also, I was wondering, do you wish people a Happy New Year, or a Happy New Years? I always go plural, but am I the only one who does that?

Former Coyotes healthy-scratch was sent by the Penguins to the Oilers along with a first rounder pick for David Perron, which, if you’re a Penguin fan has to be exciting news. The pick will be low and all it ultimately cost them was defensive prospect Philip Samuelsson, which is a fantastic rate of return. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Oilers flip the pick (which has no salary cap implications and makes it movable to anyone) in a package to get themselves a defenseman that is further along in his development than what they are currently rocking.

As for Klinkhammer he’s a likable grinder who is inconsistent but when he’s on is a very solid bottom line contributor and at the very minimum he make the Oilers a little harder to play against.

On a personal note David Perron was inexplicably on waivers in my fantasy league and I picked him up, which is a solid win for team Young Money.

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