Canada Soccer looking for candidates to serve on the Board of Directors starting May 2015


The Nominations Committee of Canada Soccer’s Board of Directors calls for individuals to submit names of candidates to serve on the Board commencing after the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Members.

Canada Soccer’s Board of Directors consists of 14 Directors, including a President, Vice President, six elected Directors, and six appointed or independent Directors, selected by the Nominations Committee.

The Committee is seeking qualified candidates to play a role in the stewardship of an organization in transition to a new culture that reflects values such as engagement, transparency, accountability, and other attributes representing leading edge governance.

Qualified candidates will have the skill-sets, expertise and experience necessary to help create a new national vision of Canada Soccer’s 2014 Strategic Plan – Leading a Soccer Nation, leading to a legacy of success on and off the playing field.

The current call for nominations is for the following Board positions:

  • Two Elected Directors (three-year term)
    • One from British Columbia / Yukon Territory
    • One from Quebec
  • Two Independent Directors (three-year term)

Further details are available in the Call for Nominations document available in the Governance section of this website.Deadline for application is 18.00 ET / 15.00 PT on Friday, 13 March 2015.

Scott Harrigan
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