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Left Field 

(ISN) – Attention: Powers That Be at Shaw Cable Re: Cancellation of Montreal Canadiens Coverage.

To Whom it may Concern,
I recently spent 20 minutes on the phone speaking to one of your uber friendly customer service reps about your decision to drastically reduce your coverage of Habs games. While I realize that a corporation of your size will not lose sleep over the loss of an account or two, I thought you would want to know why I have taken time between calls to satellite providers to write to explain why I am thoroughly disgusted with your decision to shortchange Canadiens fans. We are a reasonable lot for the most part and ask for nothing more than a reasonably priced opportunity to see our team’s games, and I hope that someone from Shaw will take the time to Telus what the effing problem is.
I should point out that I have dutifully shelled out the extra pesos to enrich your bottom line each month for the past six years to buy the RDS package that showed every Habs game on channel 905 in French. Although my skills in our second official language only improved un peu, I was tres hereux to be able to enjoy every minute of every Montreal game, even if it wasn’t available in H D as it was everywhere else in Canada. Also, your callous decision to discontinue this option and leave the blue info bar at the bottom of the screen displaying Montreal vs Caroline or Philadelphie while the rest of a screen is filled with “not available in this region” frankly really rankles.
When I enquired about purchasing the TSN and Sportsnet packages for Montreal games which you continued to advertise on several channels at the start of the season that are available in the rest of the country I was told again politely that like the RDS option, they are not available here.
The explanation I received from your flustered but still friendly phone representative was that the powers that be have decided to limit the choice to the infinitely more expensive Centre Ice package, which frankly offers more hockey than I can afford or care to watch.
After another frustrating call where I pointed out that people in other parts of the country can order additional games at a reasonable price for the Winnipeg Jets, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Edmonton Oilers or Calgary Flames, I was told that Shaw in B.C. feels there’s more bang for their buck in pushing fans to the more profitable Centre Ice package, or the choice of one, as I like to call it.
While I understand there is discussion at high levels bout offering a reasonably priced package of Toronto games on the Comedy Network, that is little consolation for Habs fans, despite the lure of more opportunities to laugh at the Leafs. So it is with heavy heart that I must inform you that I am currently pricing satellite dishes without my wife’s knowledge. I am also seriously considering organizing demonstrations across the province that would involve fans in their jerseys marching from your locations in malls to the Bell and Telus outlets conveniently located nearby. My hope is twofold…That you will reconsider your decision and offer the full slate of Canadiens games on RDS again, and that this letter will not cause any “unexpected” disruptions to my service, especially on Saturday nights where I can still see the Habs on the CBC or City networks. For the time being.

Left Field