Let’s face it, life can be stressful..

Never ending lists of chores and things to do can become overwhelming. The next thing you know, you’re doing one thing after another and running around from one place to the other. You don’t get to rest, eat properly or relax.

You feel constantly tired and can’t seem to get your head together to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Additionally, you feel unproductive, as if you’re running 20 miles on the treadmill at high speed, while still remaining in the exact same spot.

This type of thinking, in turn, causes you more stress and the cycle starts all over again.

If this sounds like anything you’re experiencing or have experienced, here are 5 ways to hit the “reset” button.

1. Exercise. Move your body in a way that you enjoy. Even 30 minutes of exercise can help you refocus in order to tackle your “to-do” list.

It’s a known stress reliever and you will never regret a workout. There are many ways to be active and therefore you’re bound to find a form of exercise that you truly like.

2. Floatation therapy. It’s an enjoyable experience where you float in a tank filled with Epsom Salt dissolved in water (at skin temperature). You will get a chance to spend time alone, in a quiet isolation tank and clear your head. You can nap, meditate and leave your stress behind. When you come out, you will feel like you are in a better position to deal with life.


See Float House Victoria for more information if you are in Victoria. Use the code yanasave20 to save $20 off a single float session and try it.

3. Read a good book. Read something that inspires you or that entertains you. Get lost in the moment and really focus on understanding what’s on the pages. It will take your mind off your stressful situation and hopefully allow you to focus on solving the problem in front of you.

4. Massage. It feels great and you basically get to lay on the table without having to do anything for the moment that you’re there. You can chat with the person doing massage for you or you can keep quiet and clear your head. Then, when you leave the massage table, you will feel relaxed and well-rested.

5. Acupuncture. Studies have shown that acupuncture, when done properly, helps alleviate stress. I had an acupuncture treatment from my good friend Tyler Stattin of Oshio College and really enjoyed it. Prior to my treatment, I was a bit nervous but then felt great during and after it. I felt a great sense of relief and relaxation shortly thereafter, so much so that I was able to better focus on my challenging workouts. Even ran a personal best not long afterwards.

Above are just some of the ways that I’ve tried or that my clients have tried when dealing with stress.

Sometimes, we just need to do something completely different in order to help us relieve stress. You never know what will make all the difference.

We all experience stress because life tends to throw curve balls at us. However, we need to focus on taking care of ourselves so that our stress does not have negative effects on our health.

How do you deal with stress?