Donated Vikes kit heads to Kenya to support Run for Life


By Ali Lee, Vikes Communications

(ISN) – VICTORIA, B.C. – The University of Victoria Vikes cross-country and track program recently made a large contribution to support Run for Life, a not for profit running organization based in Kenya. Vikes head coach Brent Fougner recently handed over an enormous amount of Vikes running gear and clothes to Whitehorse native Logan Roots.

Roots moved to Victoria to do some flight training and enjoy the great running conditions of the West coast. Logan linked up with fellow Whitehorse native John Carson in Victoria, who further connected him to Fougner. Carson is the program director for Run for Life and also kick-started the Rift Valley Resource Center in Kenya.

“I will be gone for seven weeks,” outlined the 21-year-old, who leaves on Feb. 1 for his trip to a village in Africa called Mosoriot. “I’ll be in a village about 30-km outside of Eldoret and while I’m there I will be helping out with upkeep and improving the camp, running a lot and helping at the school. I’ll get to explore Nairobi and go on a three-day safari. I’m going for the experience.”

The Vikes kit that Roots is hauling down to Africa will support Run for Life grass roots projects, partnered schools and organizations within Kenya. Roots will be based in Eldoret, Kenya at the Rift Valley Resource Centre, which is open to students, athletes and community volunteers.

“It will be at the opposite end of the spectrum of what I’m used to,” expects Roots about his life-changing trip. “I’ll get to see an entirely new part of the world. Kenya is also one of the best places to run in the world, and well… I like to run.”

Roots is undoubtedly a fitting and fit person to take the Vikes haul to share with those in Africa.

“Things we take for granted here are very valuable over there,” added Roots.

To learn more about Run for Life visit there website here and to find out more about Carson’s other project, The Rift Valley Resource Centre, click here.