First M15 ID camp underway in Montréal


Canada Soccer is looking to start promising young soccer players along the path to bigger things in the soccer world with this year’s first U-15 Regional ID Camp that got underway in Montreal on Tuesday 3 February.

The group of 33 players arrived into Montreal on Monday and will go through three days of training and matches under the direction of Head Coach and former member of Canada’s Men’s National Team, Ante Jazic.

While the majority of the players in camp come from Quebec, players from the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario were also invited to this camp.

Started in 2014, the goal of the Men’s EXCEL U-15 Regional ID camps, held in various spots across the country, is not only to identify potential future talents for the National Team Program, but to also help facilitate first steps towards professional training and game environments and to give them a taste of a high performance environment.

GK- Jenson Brown | CAN / Suburban FC (NS)
GK- Alex Cormer | CAN / Fundy SC (NB)
GK- Sam Hawco | CAN / Mount Pearl (NL)
GK- Thomas Pichette | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
D- Zachary Cyr | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
D- Cedrik Gagnon | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
D- Ben Herriott | CAN / St. John’s SC (NL)
D- Ali Jabara | CAN / Codiac SC (NB)
D- Jack MacDonald | CAN / Halifax Dunbrack (NS)
D- Justin Marques | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
D- David Joe Marsillo | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
D- Thomas Plamondon | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
D- Jamal Riahi | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
D- Riley Veloso | CAN / KNSA (ONT)
D- Karifa Yao | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
D/M- Leo Fuguliun-Langevin | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
D/M- Michel Lummo | CAN / Codiac SC (NB)
D/M- Zachary Potvin | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
M- Ayoub Al Arabi | CAN / Halifax City (NS)
M- Nicolas Benzvidez | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
M- Nadjib Chemil | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
M- Sebastian Cobuzzi | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
M- Jeremy Di Lallo | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
M- Jacob Grant | CAN / St. John’s SC (NL)
M- Mirko Hamel | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
M- Yannick Laurent | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
M- Matteo Le Clair | CAN / Stratford SC (PEI)
M- Louis Maccabee | CAN / AS Blainville (QUE)
M- Anton Pellerin-Petrov | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
M- Yanis Sid | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
M/F- Ayoub Najan | CAN / Étoiles de l’Est (QUE)
F- Yazid Aboubakr | CAN / CS Chomedey (QUE)
F- Tamba George Gbongbor | CAN / CS Chaleur (NB)